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Minnesota public schools can now participate in the 2020 Virtual Recruiting Networks for Educators and Support staff (coming June).    In addition to the benefits of an actively and aggressively promoted job board, the Recruiting Networks deliver a number of benefits available only through the pooling of public resources, technical expertise in common systems, and connection of organizations that have mutually-aligned incentives.

Participating schools get...

Automatic posting of all of your educational vacancies to educatemn.org and distribution to the Educate Minnesota job distribution network until June 30, 2021.   

Hands-free!  Automatic synchronization will open, close, and update from your applicant tracking system.  
All “Apply” actions go directly into your applicant tracking system.  Educate Minnesota does not “collect” your applicants.

The Educate Minnesota Job Distribution network includes:

  • Minnesota Colleges and Universities for Teacher Education (31 IHEs)
  • Handshake, “The #1 way college students find jobs”

Currently supported applicant tracking systems: Frontline Recruit & Hire™ (formerly AppliTrack)
Automatic Posting and Distribution is an add-on to the standard network participation.

Candidates at your recruiting and hiring events.

Events are an impactful way for candidates to connect with your school culture and personality.   Virtual events can give prospective employees the opportunity to ask live questions, see your offices, and interact with employees in the field first-hand (and in real time).   Low-cost examples include hold site/school tours, employee panels, AMAs (Ask Me Anything).

Your physical and virtual events will be promoted to all candidates through the network communications (email, chat, group events), and appear on the Network Events Calendar.

Qualified candidates sent to your inbox. 
Receive all candidate profiles matching your location and areas of interest while participating in the network.  Matching candidate profiles are emailed to a district contact list immediately.


Assistance with marketing, including vacancy notices and your employer brand.  

Finding the candidate that fits with your school will result in greater impact with students and a longer stay in the teaching profession.  With an Enhanced Employer Profile* built for educatemn.org, you show candidates the unique challenges and opportunities that they will encounter as a successful educator with your organization.  Put forward the information that job seekers are looking for to find that “perfect fit”.

Your Enhanced Employer Profile for educatemn.org will be produced by Educate MN designers (example).    Use the results on your own school websites.  Send updates by email as desired.

* – Enhanced Employer Profile is an add-on to the standard network participation.

Educate Minnesota promoting your community and school brand as an employer at educator recruiting events around the country. 

Educate Minnesota recruiters participate in a number of virtual recruiting events hosted by colleges, universities, and educator preparation providers.  We select events with organizations that have historically been effective sources bringing educators to Minnesota schools.  In these efforts, we help support the overall Minnesota educator labor market.

Get direct access to contact leads gathered from these events, and indirect exposure by association with the Network.

Report showing the value of having participated in the Virtual Recruiting Network in September, 2020.

We combine candidate survey responses with information you provide about applicants, interview, and hires that were influenced by your school’s participation.  Use this information to determine if your investment in Educate Minnesota has paid-off.

Flexible plans that grow with you

Your recruiting needs are specific to your organization.  We’ve got plans to meet you where you need.

PLAN Free 2020 Network
2020 Network
2020 Network
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Automatic job posting ⚠️
Job postings open, close, and update based on your applicant tracking system. No action required. All “Apply” actions go directly into your applicant tracking system.
Automatic job distribution ⚠️
Job postings are shared with common, free job boards frequented by educators and Educate Minnesota job alerts.
Job posting boost ⚠️
Hard-to-fill postings are promoted with a combination of Educate Minnesota featured search results, Handshake™, and social promotion to participating EPPs.
Listed as participating employer
Candidates will see your school listed as a participant in the network. Listing includes link to careers website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (if supplied).
Post your own recruiting / hiring events
Share your recruiting events in the public calendar. Engage with candidates in your own: info sessions, site tours, and admin panels.
Events promoted to job seekers and EPPs
Boost the visibility of your events in the public calendar, emails to candidates, EPPs and on Handshake.
Educator Candidate referrals
Receive licensed candidate profiles matching your location and areas of interest while participating in the Educator Network. Matching candidate profiles are emailed to a district contact list immediately.
ESP Candidate referrals
Receive support candidate profiles matching your location and areas of interest while participating in the Educational Support Network.
Representation at external recruiting events
Receive candidate leads cultivated at external recruiting events attended by Educate Minnesota.
Enhanced employer profile
Enhanced employer profile for educatemn.org will be produced by Educate MN designers (example, video not included). Completed profile delivered within two weeks. Use the results on your own school websites and send update requests whenever desired.
Seasonal hiring impact and return report 
Report showing the value of having participated in the Virtual Recruiting Network. Delivered in fall of 2020, includes independent candidate feedback.
⚠️ - automatic job posting, distribution, and boost require that you have a supported applicant tracking system. Currently supported systems: Frontline Recruiting & Hiring™ (formerly AppliTrack™)
Licensed Teacher FTE for 2020-2021 (anticipated) Fees are based on licensed teacher FTE as a general estimate for the number of vacancies and recruiting activity.
0 to 50 $0 $0 $100 $250
51 to 150 $0 $50 $250 $500
151 to 300 $0 $100 $500 $750
301 to 500 $0 $250 $750 $1,250
501 to 1,000 $0 $500 $1,250 $1,750
1,001 or more $0 $750 $1,750 $2,500

2020 Network
2020 Network
2020 Network

Money back guarantee
If, within one month, you are not satisfied with your participation in the Virtual Recruiting Network, we don’t expect you to pay.  That’s our commitment and your guarantee.

Employer Eligibility Requirements

Organizations eligible to participate in the 2020 Virtual Recruiting Network for Educators must be recognized as public school entities in the state of Minnesota – independent districts, charter schools/networks, intermediate districts, education cooperatives, etc. – recruiting to hire in positions where a Minnesota educator license is required.

All eligible schools must conform to the Minnesota Human Rights Act and U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission policies regarding nondiscrimination in employment and all applicable Equal Opportunity Laws.

In addition, all eligible schools must abide by the Principles of Professional Conduct for Career Services and Employment Professionals as published by the National Association of College and Employers (NACE).   These principles require employers to maintain a recruitment process that is fair and equitable, and to help candidates make informed and responsible decisions.

Educate Minnesota reserves the right to refuse or limit access to the Virtual Recruiting Network due to any of the following: failing to adhere to the above policies, violating any local, state or federal laws, or any other behavior or conduct which, in the discretion of the Educate Minnesota, warrants denial of service or access.