2020 Virtual Recruiting Network for Educators

Spring & Summer, 2020

Minnesota schools are actively hiring for the current and 2020-2021 school year. 
Find a new teaching or administrative job at a school you love by using this free matching network!

The Virtual Recruiting Network for Educators is an ongoing event through the summer of 2020 that provides licensed teachers and licensed administrators a chance to be matched with hiring administrators based on shared preferences.   This network is free to all Minnesota licensed educators, including new graduates applying for initial license in 2020 and those transferring from out-of-state.

Create an Educator Profile

Tell us about your ideal next school and role (e.g., type of school, geographic region, subject areas, grade levels).  Include your candidate introduction video or website to immediately stand out for hiring administrators.

Respond to schools

Schools interested in you take the first step when they’re interested in sharing more about their programs and timelines.

Get career support

Learn more about schools through their events such as virtual open houses, distance lesson audits, and employee panels.  Also get expert help with educator licensing, resume and interview preparation, negotiations and more – all free!

Why use the Network?

  • Personalized match with schools looking for candidates matching your preferences.
  • Stand out from other candidates.
  • It is private and free.
  • Receive job search and career support such as: 


High Schools


Elementary and
Middle Schools


Early Childhood & Adult Ed Programs

Frequent Questions

How does the candidate profile help with my job search?

Simply put, you stand out from other candidates.  Here’s how…  We’ve flipped the hiring process by eliminating the initial, long employment application as the first step.  Instead, your candidate profile is your initial introduction to hiring administrators.     You may end up completing an employment application with a school but it will be based on an administrator already having seen your face and heard your voice from your candidate profile.

Who will see my candidate profile?

When you create your profile, you’ll provide some basic information about the type of position you’re looking for and desired location.  Based on this information, our recruiters will send your profile to hiring administrators in the schools. The hiring administrators will review your profile and contact you if they’re interested.

Is my information shared with anybody other than the participating schools?

No.  Information you provide to this site is not shared with anyone except designated contacts from the participating schools.  You can also exclude any schools from seeing your information.

Can I modify or remove my profile after it has been submitted?

Your profile can be removed by emailing support@educatemn.org. You cannot modify a profile submission. You must re-create a new profile.

Do I have to submit an employment application along with my candidate profile?

No.  However, your profile is not an employment application.  Schools and districts interested in you may request that you complete a full employment application.

How long does my candidate profile remain active?

Candidate profiles, and all related information, are retained for a single school year.  If you wish to have your profile deleted before the school year ends, contact support@educatemn.org.

Participating Schools

List updated May 22, 2020

School-Employers interested in participating get:

  • Your job postings sent to all MN educator preparation providers, and colleges across the US
  • Recruitment at national (virtual) conferences
  • Promote your events – open houses, hiring fairs, employee panels, site tours, etc.
  • We provide you with qualified candidates
  • We automatically post all of your educational vacancies (currently requires Frontline Recruit & Hire (formerly AppliTrack)) 
  • We provide assistance with marketing, including vacancy notices and your employer brand.