Why do Schools use Educate Minnesota?

Welcome to the Educate Minnesota, the online recruiting system designed to help public schools in find and connect with current and aspiring educators seeking employment.  Educate Minnesota is part of the Minnesota Educator Recruitment Center, an effort to meet current and future staffing needs in Minnesota.  This site combines the services of an online job board, job seeker tools, and active educator recruiting to help current and aspiring educators connect with Minnesota schools.

All public schools in Minnesota are eligible to post their jobs to Educate Minnesota for free so you will see the largest number of postings on this site.   Public schools include traditional districts and charter schools, and also intermediate districts and educational cooperatives that provide specialized services not always accessible to traditional schools.

Develop your Workforce

Educate Minnesota allows public schools to post vacancies for all licensed administration and teaching positions, as well as non-licensed education support (paraprofessional) positions. 

By using Educate Minnesota, schools will:

  • Increase the volume of job applicants.
  • Be exposed to students graduating from Educator Preparation Programs as well as educators currently in the workforce.
  • Increase awareness and participation in diversity and inclusion initiatives, and pathways to teaching programs.
  • More easily comply with statute and PELSB rules.

Educate Minnesota is currently accepting new employer participants through our 2020 hiring season Virtual Recruiting Network.  If you have other questions about the project, or would like to talk more about how to get involved, please contact Chris Hoehn.

School-Employers are able to access portions of Educate Minnesota through the 2020 Virtual Recruiting Networks for Educators and Support staff.

Employer Guidelines

Thousands of job seekers place their trust in Educate Minnesota and the schools that use this site to match with aspiring candidates. To maintain that trust, all schools on Educate Minnesota must agree to guidelines regarding fair and ethical practices, including the following:

Be accurate and honest.  Tell the truth about your school, the jobs available, and the people involved.

Keep your word.  When a commitment is made to a candidate, keep it.  If you can’t, make an effort to provide a fair and equitable result for the affected job seekers.

Be fair.  Evaluate candidates based on qualifications required to perform a job.  Do not discriminate because of race, ethnicity, age, appearance, sexual orientation, disability, religion, military/veteran status, or lack thereof.

Keep job seeker information confidential.  Employers are expected to guard job seeker information as if it were their own.  Do not disclose any personal information without the prior consent of job seekers.