Educate Minnesota for School-Employers

Educate Minnesota is the online recruiting system designed to help public schools find current and aspiring educators seeking employment.  More about this project.


Why does it work?

An effective pipeline for talent is essential to meeting current and future staffing needs in all schools.  This requires vision from leadership and excellence from operations.  Every effective educator talent pipeline includes two key components of recruiting:

  • Actively engaging with job seekers using proven and new approaches to recruiting.
  • Developing partnerships and pathways that allow for the development of the talent that students need.

Schools that differentiate themselves in recruiting attract more and different talent.

Educate Minnesota is here to help.

For School Employers:

Educate Minnesota will take-on/carry/shoulder the burden of managing the basic, must-do activities of recruiting and effective employer branding. 

In addition to our free, unlimited job postings and other useful fools, our fee-based services include engaging your candidates as they apply, measuring and tracking your recruiting efforts and applicant experience, communicating your employer brand and offer to potential employees, and facilitating timely virtual career events.  

The result is an increased and more diverse applicant pool for your educator jobs, and new relationships with programs that produce talent for the future.

Begin today by choosing from our free and fee-based services for school employers.

For all of public education in Minnesota:

Educate Minnesota facilitates collective efforts of public schools to engage and improve the educator workforce.  This includes initiatives to: improve the quality student teaching and educator field experience, help prepare new professionals as they first enter the field, increase awareness and participation in diversity and inclusion initiatives, and pathways to teaching programs.

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