This is a Part-Time Social Studies C&I Resource Teacher position, available starting the 2021-22 school year, for the next 3 school years (ending June 2024). The primary responsibility of this position will be supporting the upcoming Social Studies curriculum review process, as well as supporting current Social Studies instruction and resources.

C&I Resource Teacher Responsibilities Include:

  • Prepare for and co-facilitate the process of curriculum review and assessment by serving as an instructional leader in District 284.  The curriculum review process includes such things as the development of an adopted curriculum aligned to standards, development of common assessments, and keeping the Wayzata Curriculum and Instruction (C & I) department website current.  A key component of any curriculum review is to look at instructional practices, materials, and data through a culturally inclusive lens.  A commitment to equity and inclusion coupled with a passion for ongoing learning and reflection will be core to this position.

  • Participate in implementation of standards.

  • Support PLCs and facilitate data discussions around student work using the results of common assessments.

  • Demonstrate high capacity data use and reflective practice.

  • Serve as spokesperson and advocate for C & I by reporting to the Board of Education, teacher groups, Superintendent, parents, etc.

  • Collaborate with other members of the C & I resource team to support department and district priorities and assist in efforts to implement district goals and vision.

  • Attend professional meetings and build a professional network to assist in keeping current both locally and nationally.

  • Participate in state and national professional organizations and distribute their publications to appropriate staff.

  • Act as a teacher/leader on district committees and maintain accurate records of meetings, decisions made and communicate these to all persons affected by these decisions.

  • Work with the Director for Curriculum and Instruction to order materials and keep accurate financial records of monies assigned to this area.

  • Provide support and mentoring to teachers to increase effectiveness.

  • Provide in-service training as needed in collaboration with the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

•  Must be a continuing contract teacher with Wayzata Public Schools
Application procedure:
•  Apply online at
•  Internal Applicants must complete the Internal Application 
Selection Procedure:
• This is a round 1 position and is open to current employees only.