Description: Under the direction of the Director of Teaching & Learning, the Administrative Intern will lead a collaborative effort to design & implement the structure of a Secondary Summer School program. This pilot program will be available for students in Edina Public Schools during the summer of 2021.

Job Summary:
Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Collaborate with surrounding metro districts in order to learn about current secondary summer programs.  Synthesize this information learned to utilize as foundational work for creating the Edina Middle School Summer Program for the summer of 2021. 
  • Organize a leadership team to develop the pilot Middle School Summer School Programming for Edina Public Schools.
  • Collectively create a strong instructional program that advances the learning of all students in attendance. 
  • Create master schedules for Middle School Summer Programming.
  • Facilitate the hiring of staff for Middle School Summer School Programming, including building leads and teaching staff.  
  • Identify entrance and exit criteria for program invitations. 
  • Lead communication efforts to all stakeholders about Middle School Summer Programming.
  • Determine and operationalize the implementation of assessment, instruction, curriculum, and resources.
  • Collaborate on system logistics such as, but not limited to, arranging transportation, facilities, and technology. 
  • Attend Minnesota Department of Education meetings specific to Targeted Services.
  • Collaborate with others in order to assure guidelines for Targeted Services are implemented. 
  • Provide budget leadership within the Targeted Services model to remain cost neutral. 

Required Qualifications:

  • Education consistent with the requirements of the State of Minnesota for licensure as an elementary or secondary classroom teacher.
  • Minimum five years experience in the education field preferred with specific middle level experience.
  • Experience in curriculum development and mentor training and/or leadership coursework at the district level preferred.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Participation in formal or informal administrative courses.

Additional Information:

  • The duration of this position is approximately 100 hours, over approximately 6 weeks. It will require an estimated average of 4 hours per day on 4 days per week. 
  • This is a pilot program, and the position will end upon successful completion of planning.

Stipend of $3500