The assistant coach is responsible for the welfare and conduct of the members of his/her team from the time they report for practice or a game until they leave the school at the end of the activity. In performing his/her duties, he/she must exemplify good sportsmanship and should offer respect and empathy to each athlete as an individual. The assistant coach must be aware that he/she serves as a model in the education of the student athlete and, therefore, shall never place the value of winning above the value of character building.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
1.  Responsible for all matters pertaining to the organization and administration of coaching an athletic team
2.  Plan and supervise the team to and from all events, practices, and competitions.
3.  Work with the athletics director and booster club on specific budget requests and spending, as well as, fund raising as needed.
4.  Support and implement in-season and out-of-season condition and weight training program with weight training staff.
4.  Coordinate practice and game schedules with the Athletics Office and coaches from other programs.
6.  Enforce and model discipline and positive sportsmanship at all times and establish and manage penalties for breach of such standards by individual students.
7.  Perform other relevant duties regarding the program.

Specific Responsibilities:
1.  Enforce all rules of the Minnesota State High School League and ISD 191 as they pertain to the respective sport.
2.  Follow athletic department policy in ordering equipment, uniforms, and supplies for the program.
3.  Assist Athletics Office to maintain complete and accurate records needed to participate in MSHSL sponsored athletics.
4.  Prepare and maintain a roster of the assigned team members, including grade level, team level, and positions.
5.  Report and document with an injury report form all major student injuries immediately to the Athletic Trainer and the Athletics Office.

Knowledge and Skills:
1.  Has knowledge and background in the specific sport
2.  Knowledge of State, Federal, and ISD 191 School Borad Policies regarding student conduct and appropriate disciplinary action.
3.  Evidence of and ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
4.  Strong communication and interpersonal skills when working with coworkers, parents, community members, supervisor, and students.
5.  Ability to receive feedback and adjust accordingly.
6.  Strong work ethic amnd dedication to further the benefits of student participation in co-curricular activities.
7.  Ability to perform essential job functions.

Licensing Requirements:
Coaching license or have completed the MSHSL Coaching Certification preferred, but must be current on MSHSL Coaches Clipboard with Continuing Education.