Application Procedure:  To be considered for this vacancy, applicant must complete the on-line application process and indicate interest in this specific job number.  

Duty Days Per Year:  As arranged with supervisor during the Knowledge Bowl Season

Hours Per Day: As arranged with supervisor, varies

Type of Position:  (  )  Continuing      (X)  Temporary

Salary: According to Teachers Work Agreement, Schedule C

Supervisor of PositionChris Lindquist, Activities Director

Summary:  The Assistant Knowledge Bowl Coach position is responsible for providing leadership and guidance to students and assistant coaches within the program. The Assistant Coach reports to and works closely with the Head Knowledge Bowl Coach to determine goals and direction of the program. The assistant coach is responsible for the health, safety and welfare of every student participating in their program for St. Francis High School.  Season runs November 1 to April 30.


PreferredSome working knowledge of how Knowledge Bowl or similar academic competitions and teams function

Required: knowledge of the activity and events.  

  Successful candidates must also show competency in the following:

  • Proven experience in teaching and modeling character and responsible behavior
  • Positive, high energy, and committed
  • Partners well with parents, staff, community leaders, etc.
  • View success not just as winning, but as helping team members to reach goals

Major Areas of Responsibility:

  • Coordinate the training, instruction, and preparation of Knowledge Bowl students.
  • Follow and meet all expectations set forth by St. Francis Public Schools regarding the position of a head coach.
  • Coordinate the activities and responsibilities of other assistant coaches and booster volunteers.
  • Develop and organize effective practices for students that teach Knowledge Bowl planning and skills needed to compete in invitational tournaments, M8 competitions, and within our assigned district.
  • Demonstrate and generate among the staff and players an attitude of good sportsmanship and fair play by adhering to the Coach’s Code of Ethics and our district/conference Sportsmanship Guidelines.
  • Know and administer the policies, procedures, and guidelines set forth in our district/conference and MSHSL policy publications, and to supervise assistant coaches in carrying out the same guidelines set forth by St. Francis High School.
  • Help the Head Coach create a Knowledge Bowl handbook informing all team members (before the season begins) of team rules, expectations, and letter requirements. The Activities Director will provide a list of items to be covered in this handbook.
  • Provide for the health, safety, and well being of team members at practices, tournaments, and transportation to and from competition.  
  • Affect a proper relationship with students, parents, school staff, and the media, publicizing your team on a regular basis. This includes an effective relationship with the Knowledge Bowl booster club.
  • Work with the Head Coach in determining program needs and how these items may be procured.
  • Responsible for assisting in the record keeping of the student activity account.
  • Attend or complete a rules interpretation meeting each year if sponsored by the MSHSL and to attend all conference and  district meetings.
  • Order team transportation through the Activities Department.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Activities Director.