The Park Rapids School District 309 is looking for an Assistant COVID Coordinator.  Under the leadership of the Superintendent, the Assistant COVID coordinator is responsible for collaborating with the COVID Coordinator/Human Resources and School Nurse in overseeing, planning, supervising, and implementing the programs, services, operations, and training for COVID preparedness and programming.

Tasks involved in fulfilling above duty/responsibility:

  • Serves to assist COVID Coordinator and School Nurse in identified positive cases of COVID 19 withing the District to complete contact tracing involved with each case.
  •  Serves to assist Human Resources and District Nursing staff as the primary focal point for COVID preparedness and programming.
  • Attend relevant meetings at the state, local, and District level.
  • Provide information, guidance, and strategic direction for the development, implementation, and revision of plans for COVID preparedness and programming.
  • Ensure coordination of communication of information to be distributed by the Superintendent to district staff, students, families, and community members.
  • Provide education and training regarding COVID prevention and response protocols.
  • Continuously monitor and supervise COVID preparedness and response activities.
  • Work with Health Services, Facilities and Grounds Director, and Business Office to ensure adequate stock and supplies are procured, stored, distributed, etc.
  • Compile, manage, and make available relevant information related to COVID.

Education/Training required or desired:
Nursing; Minimum of LPN Licensure required, desired; Bachelor’s Degree/ Registered Nurse