FTE:  0.167

AVID Site Coordinator 

  • Is a strong student advocate who is committed to the philosophy of AVID, including the support for equity and access for all students to advanced classes 
  • Leads the building of an active, participatory AVID site team 
  • Provides the leadership for the development and maintenance of an active site team 
  • Acts as the liaison between the site team, principal, and district director 
  • Acts as the liaison with the principal, AVID counselor, and AVID teachers 
  • Oversees and is responsible for Certification and data collection, including engaging the members of the site team in the collection of evidence and providing data 
  • Collaborates with different sites and grade levels to articulate the curriculum and activities of AVID 
  • Advocates and provides professional learning regarding AVID methodologies for other staff members of the school and district
  • Sets high expectations for student achievement and monitors students’ progress
  • Promotes the use of WICOR strategies by all AVID students and in all classes
  • Builds relationships with AVID families to help guide them through the academic process
  • Assists in identifying, recruiting, and interviewing potential AVID students