Hours:  6 hours/day; 5 days/week 58 Days (Trimester 2)
Description:  To assist in safety supervision of pool and co-instruct swimming program.

Job Summary:   The essential functions of this position include, but are not limited to, the following fundamental job duties:

  1. Co-instruct the class when there is a WSI certified physical education teacher in the pool area. 
  2. Be familiar with District 279 curriculum for both elementary and secondary levels and prepare course objectives in accordance with these directives. 
  3. Write aquatic lesson plans for group level of teachings. 
  4. Assess students’ skill performance and submit grades to the physical education teacher. 
  5. Conduct a pool area safety check daily and report areas where attention is needed.
  6. Lifeguard and assist in maintaining a safe instructional area daily including supervision of adapted aquatic students; must wear a bathing suit and have a whistle on person at all times of pool duty.
  7. Handle discipline problems within the pool and locker room areas. 
  8. Share discipline and other problems with the co-instructors and refer major discipline problems to school administrators. 
  9. Prepare pool equipment and supplies for daily instruction, example:  swim caps, clipboards, swimsuits, swim course record sheets, attendance, etc.
  10.  Prepare a pool equipment inventory at the beginning and end of each school year.  Note condition of pool equipment daily and refer equipment requests to the physical education department chairperson and/or custodial personnel throughout the school year.
  11.  Store all pool equipment properly at the end of each school day. 
  12. Prepare all class attendance and course record sheets, assign pool lockers, prepare and mail American Red ross swimming sheets, record students’ swim level for future use, prepare and help distribute Red Cross cards.
  13. Attend physical education department meetings as required. 
  14. Complete physical education department equipment inventory.
  15. Provide minimal clerical support to physical education department.
  16. Attend any aquatic and safety training sessions required by the district. 

Qualifications:  EDUCATION:  High school graduate. Current Water Safety Instructor certificate. Current Advanced Lifesaving certificate.  Current CPR certificate. Verifiable first aid training.

EXPERIENCE:  Previous experience working with elementary and secondary students in pool activities. 
Job Type:  Part-time, school year 
Salary Range:  Per Contract