Job Summary:
Oversee and supervises all custodial and maintenance activities within the assigned facility by inspiring and preparing all students with the confidence, courage and competence to achieve their dreams; contribute to community; and engage in a lifetime of learning.

Tasks involved in fulfilling above duty/responsibility:

  • Responsible for posting, screening and interviewing custodial applicants for new employment and inter district applicants for promotion or transfer to vacant positions in building supervised in accordance with the Teamsters collective bargaining agreement;
  • Assigning and directing cleaning and maintenance schedules for custodial staff;
  • Evaluating the performance of all building level custodians on an ongoing and periodic basis including written reviews and providing timely feedback/coaching;
  • Initiating corrective discipline such as verbal and written reprimands and recommends suspension or discharge as necessary to correct unsatisfactory conduct or performance; 
  • Approving and monitoring vacation and sick leave requests;
  • Keeping accurate records of absenteeism, performance and progress of employees;
  • Receiving and responding to building occupant requests as appropriate;
  • Communicating effectively with principal, business manager, building staff and other department supervisors;
  • Coordinating building events, setups and other activities including scheduling of HVAC equipment and lighting;
  • Ensuring custodial equipment is maintained and operated according to manufacturers’ recommendations; 
  • Initiating and recommending operations and capital improvement budgetary needs;
  • Ordering building custodial supplies to maintain appropriate levels of inventory;
  • Soliciting vendor quotes to ensure competitive pricing and quality products and/or services;
  • Ensuring all mechanical heating and cooling systems are being monitored within the legal limits of state and local laws;
  • Ensuring completion of all periodic safety inspections, documentation and maintaining records.
  • Establishing and maintaining sustainable cleaning standards, cleaning zone maps, and cleaning assignments for each staff member with stakeholder input;
  • Setting goals making observations, collecting data, and assessing the performance of all custodians; 
  • Inspecting the quality of the custodial work to insure that the services provided are meeting the standards established in the custodial service model;
  • Conducting research and working collaboratively with the facilities operations team and industry experts to establish efficient and effective housekeeping means and methods;
  • Overseeing contractor performance for projects completed inside their facility:
  • Assessing facility improvement needs and providing recommendations to the Coordinator of Facilities Operations;
  • Assigning all yard work tasks as required to maintain district standards including, but not limited to, watering, mowing, trimming, pruning shrubs, trees, weeding, removing paper and debris from school yard and along fence lines;
  • Assuming responsibility for snow removal and keeping sidewalks free of ice.
  • Performing other comparable duties of a like or similar nature as assigned.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Education/ Knowledge Requirement: Minimum of a HS Diploma or GED.

Essential knowledge and specialized subject knowledge required to perform the essential functions of the job:

  • Planning, designing and delivering training
  • Communicating both written and oral
  • Supervising, analyzing, assessing
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Ability to operate and maintain all building mechanical and cleaning equipment
  • Proper operation of building automation systems
  • Boiler water treatment program and chemicals required.
  • Knowledge of hand, power, diagnostic tools, and equipment required in the performance of the job.
  • Knowledge of applicable laws, rules, codes, and guidelines pertaining to right-to-know and custodial/facility operations.
  • Knowledge of all safety precautions applicable to trade.
  • Knowledge of the fundamentals and procedures of HVAC operation, repair, and proactive/reactive maintenance.
  • Knowledge of the application, use, and proper storage of all chemicals used in performance of the job.
  • Knowledge of hazardous waste disposal.
  • Knowledge in the principles of general repair and maintenance in such areas as mechanical, electrical, steam, air system, carpentry, and masonry or plumbing.
  • Knowledge of cleaning techniques and materials.
  • Knowledge of building structures and maintenance functions required to operate efficiently at minimal cost.

Required Work Experience in Addition to Formal Education/ Training:
At least five years of experience as a building engineer preferred, with at least eight years in the field of housekeeping and/or facilities maintenance. 

Required Supervisory Experience:
LICENSE/CERTIFICATION: Identify licenses/certification required upon hiring:  
Must have MN Chief C Boiler License upon hire.  

Skilled in:

  • Caring for and repairing facilities and equipment.
  • Ability to direct, supervise, train, and evaluate building level custodial staff.
  • Working with principal and building staff.
  • Responding effectively to student, staff and community needs.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Using problem solving techniques.
  • Demonstrating effective written and oral communication skills.
  • Maintaining accurate/current records.

Custodial staff assigned to the building                                         

Physical Job Requirements: See job description.

Contract: Management Personnel I-M
Classification: M-3a
Salary range: Per Contract