Lead Building/Activities Supervisor 
Sartell High School 
School Days
6.5 hours/day (approximately 11:15am-6:15pm)

Job Summary: Activities Event Setup and Supervisor position will be responsible for setting up for all home events at Sartell High School and other venues as assigned. They will be responsible for getting athletic venues ready for competition, and will work closely with the Activities Director.  This position will assist in the supervision and safety of large and small groups of students while they areas like lunchroom, hallways, playground, bus, and detention areas.

–  Set up for activities and home athletic events; this person will be responsible for all pre-event setup such as; setting up scorer’s table, outdoor speaker system, scoreboard, game clock, managing event staff, and working with ticket takers to scan digital tickets for events. This person will coordinate locker room assignments, and meet the officials and visiting teams when they arrive.
– Assist in the supervision and safety of large and small groups of students while they are in areas like lunchroom, hallways, playground, lavatory, bus, detention areas etc.
– Work with students following the school defined discipline procedure and make referrals to school officials when appropriate. Mediates conflicts between students as necessary
– Provides follow-up information to administration, teachers, and other support staff on discipline issues. Works to establish and maintain open communication with all schools and activities and informs the team of any issues that arrive.
– Performs other duties of a comparable level/type, as required


The successful candidate must be able to perform all the essential functions of the position.  

Application Procedures:

Apply online – paper application will not be accepted.  Complete the application in its entirety to be considered.


Salary Range:
Range III – starting pay is $15.62 per/hour

Application Deadline:  August 30, 2022 or until filled