Position: Casual Summer Enrichment Nurse
Dates & Times
Pre-work in May to gather student health information and secure necessary paperwork from families.
Trainings in late-June.
Official program hours are 7.5 hours per day July 5-August 3.  

  • 7:45 am-3:15 pm at 2 sites (location TBD)
  • 8:45 am-4:15 pm at 1 site  (location TBD) 

General Purpose of Job 
Provide emergency care for sick or injured children, during the summer for academic enrichment programs.  Assess or monitor the health status of students and school personnel, advise students, parents and staff regarding health issues, and conduct preventive and health education services.

  • Assess or monitor health status and perform first aid, emergency care and other illness interventions according to school district guidelines.
  • Administer medication and/or specialized health care treatments to students as directed by physicians and authorized by parents or guardians.
  • Assess or monitor the health and developmental status of the school age student, through district health screening programs.  Facilitate referrals to health care agencies or facilities when requested.
  • Promote and maintain health and well-being of students, families and school personnel by promoting healthy practices or teaching.
  • Prevent and control communicable disease through health status, and implementation of the state immunization law.
  • When required participate in staffing regarding students with special needs and assume responsibility for contributions to the health component of the IEP (Individual Education Plan).
  • Maintain health records on all students enrolled in summer programs.
  • Excuse or readmit students for health reasons in accordance with the building procedure and county health department exclusion guidelines.
  • Complete student accident report forms for students needing doctor’s attention and/or resulting in a loss of school time.
  • Serve as a resource to staff for health education purposes.
  • Based on registration, responsible for gathering health information for students with health needs.

RN Responsibilities

  • Develop Individual Health/Emergency Plans for those students with special needs.  Communicate with families, teachers, and staff regarding the development and implementation of these plans.  Periodically evaluate plans and revise as necessary.
  • Train and supervise volunteers/staff whenever they are used in the health services program.


  • Must be a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse currently licensed in the State of Minnesota

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities 

  • Basic first aid and health screening
  • Ability to communicate and foster positive working relationships with students, parents and staff.
  • Ability to teach health information to student groups.
  • Public health background preferred.
  • Current CPR
  • Computer skills preferred.

Job Type: Part-time, summer
Bargaining Unit: Nurses
Salary Range: Current rate of pay
Timeline: Staffing decisions made by March.