Year round position
Hours may vary based on program needs
Executive Director or Student Services/Special Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Experience with staff training and systems development
  • Knowledge of special education procedures and Minnesota health care provider billing and payment services
  • Data analysis, coordination, and organizational skills
  • Excellent computer skills (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and Filemaker Pro)
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills


  • One year third-party billing experience

Coordinates and organizes systems for third party billing ensuring that the Minnesota Department of Human Services (MDHS) requirements are met. Provides staff training on third party billing. Applies knowledge of special education due process procedures, third party billing, organizational information, and office procedures to obtain third party payment for IEP health related services.

$60,000.00 – $75,000.00 (dependent on qualifications and experience)
Program Expansion/Marketing

  • Develops and implements strategies to increase third-party revenues
  • Markets the third-party billing program to staff and families
  • Determines student eligibility for third party billing based on parent consent forms, review of special education documents, provider qualifications, and use of MN-ITS Eligibility Verification System
  • Establishes and maintains a system for obtaining necessary documents for billing
  • Maintains data bases, supporting documentation, training documentation, PCA services documentation, CTSS documentation, student files, and reminder systems according to requirements established by the Minnesota Department of Human Services
  • Serves as administrator for MN-ITS Eligibility Verification System, the web-based billing system
  • Compiles and reports information from data bases and spreadsheets for monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting of personnel performance, volume of students processed, data to calculate claim rates, and revenues received, and to meet State and Federal mandatory reporting requirements
  • Composes letters and other correspondence, creates forms, charts, graphs, handouts, and PowerPoint presentations as needed


  • Performs self-audits using Minnesota Department of Human Services monitoring criteria, summarize results and develop corrective action plans as needed
  • Prepares documentation and responses for external audits
  • Monitors Minnesota Department of Human Services and Minnesota Department of Education website for updates and changes in Third-Party Billing; revises parent packet materials and procedures in accordance with changes; monitor, interpret, and implement legal changes
  • Obtains certifications as necessary
  • Provides support to research assistants and Third-Party Billing clerical staff as needed


  • Provides training and information to district personnel related to Third-Party Billing
  • Provides current, historical, and projected data on a variety of statistics to staff upon request, and for grant writing purposes
  • Communication/Involvement
  • Serves as a liaison and resource for special education supervisory staff and building special education staff by answering questions and providing information
  • Assists with establishment and facilitation of Third-Party Billing Advisory Group
  • Presents at the State level as needed and participate in speaking engagements
  • Participates in the Third-Party Billing Regional group

Research and Development

  • Conduct studies, research, surveys, focus groups, projections, evaluations, and other investigative activities for the special education and student services programs; provide written and oral presentations of findings and recommendations
  • Establishes systems and conducts activities to gather, compile, and analyze data to establish billing rates

Other Duties as Assigned

  • Frequent:  walking, standing, sitting, hearing, talking, and seeing

All Employees of Saint Cloud School District 742 are responsible to support District goals, to work collaboratively and respectfully with diverse populations of staff, students and parents and to model and promote a welcoming working and learning environment.  Employees are expected to support and adapt to change and to demonstrate commitment to continuous performance improvement.  Employees are responsible to establish and maintain effective communication with students, teachers, support staff, colleagues and parents, respect confidential matters, encourage a safe and secure environment throughout the District, and to be dependable and accountable in the performance of their work.
It is the prerogative of the District to assign staff so as to best meet the needs of the District.