Position Type: Cultural Liaison – Karen (part time)
Work Schedule:  Monday through Friday; 4 hours per day; 190 days per year
Start Date:  January 24, 2022
Pay: $29.44/hour
Benefits: N/A

Required Qualifications:                                   
1.Bachelor’s degree
2.Ability to pass, or evidence of passing, reading, writing, listening, and speaking tests in English and Karen
3.Understanding of K-12 educational system in the U.S. and other countries
4.Ability to work well with Karen speaking families
5.Reliable transportation for traveling between buildings
7.Ability to accept work direction
8.Satisfactory past attendance record
Preferred Qualifications:
1.Experience as an advocate
2.Experience as an interpreter
3.Understanding of immigrant/refugee needs
4.Desire to participate in change efforts to create more culturally sensitive schools and community services
5.Ability to make presentations in front of staff and parents
1.Communicate District 622 policies and procedures to Karen families
2.Advocate on behalf of families and students whose first language or culture is Karen speaking families
3.Facilitate communications, interactions and activities among parents, students and staff that recognize cultural differences
4.Ensure that school procedures are inclusive
5.Educate school staff on Karen cultural issues
6.Other duties as assigned