POSITION:     Director of Teaching and Learning – Secondary
                       Tier I, 12 months
BUILDING:     District Service Center
SALARY:        Competitive Salary range and competitive benefit package

Provides vision and leadership to the Teaching & Learning Department, secondary building leaders and classroom teachers that promotes and develops instructional excellence.  This district leadership position is responsible for formulating instructional goals and objectives; providing instructional services, instructional course planning, resource organization and utilization; determining delivery systems; and assessing the effectiveness of curriculum and instructional methods. 
Instructional Program
·       Manage 6-12 curriculum and instruction process.
·       Oversee and update the curriculum review cycle to include educational program planning and development.
·       Work with District leaders, secondary principals and staff in the development of a comprehensive curriculum plan aligned to District/school improvement efforts.
·       Work with the other departments to assure resources and training are aligned to improvement efforts.
·       Coordinate secondary program evaluations and review/recommend any programs entering the District.
·       Develop evaluation plans for all aspects of the educational program, including proposed program changes and implementation of pilot programs.
·       Coordinate instructional support programs at the secondary level, such as media services, special services, EL services, gifted/talented services and career/technical education to align curriculum.
Communication and Community Relations
·       Facilitate communication with and between all Teaching & Learning staff members.
·       Provide effective and consistent communication with and between the Superintendents, School Board, district administrators and supervisors, instructional and service staff, students, parents, bargaining unit leadership, and community members.
·       Prepare and deliver reports for the Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent and School Board.
·       Communicate and interact regularly with secondary principals and other supervisees to coordinate, problem solve, etc.
·       Meet with community groups to build relationships and problem solve.
·       Meet with school staffs and content leaders, building teams on curriculum.
·       Co-Facilitate the District Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC), and other Curriculum Department and Coordinator Meetings.
·       Maintain contacts with teacher training, research and development agencies and with curriculum and instructional personnel in other districts and in other governmental and private agencies.
·       Supervise, mentor and evaluate assigned Teaching & Learning personnel.
·       Work with Special Education staff and secondary principals in supervising curriculum delivery and best practices.
·       Monitor processes and structures at all sites to assure optimum involvement of parents, staff, students and other stakeholders to establish quality decisions consistent with district goals.
Projects and Innovations
·       Assist with completion of required state reports.
·       Collaborate with the Office of Achievement and Integration (A&I) in all curricular areas.
·       Coordinate and communicate educational and instructional concerns.
·       Assist with implementation of district Strategic Plan goals.
Resources and Finances
·       Monitor and oversee budgets for Teaching & Learning programs.
·       Monitor and oversee the allocation of federal dollars and work with non-public schools.
·       Suggest and review budget reductions and budget additions.
·       Secure state, federal and local grants to supplement budget.
·       Monitor and allocate curriculum resources at all K-12 sites.
·       Determine criteria and standards for the selection and maintenance of resource materials and equipment.
·       Plan and supervise activities related to the utilization of state/federal categorical funds for district programs.
·       Perform other duties and assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Assistant Superintendent or Superintendent.
1.     Successful experience in curriculum, instruction and assessment and knowledge of continuos improvement.
2.     Effective interpersonal and communication skills (problem solving, public relations).
3.     Experience and training in research-based best practice.
4.     Proven facilitation and consensus building skills.
5.     Knowledge of curriculum design and best practices for preK-12 education.
6.     Advocate and supporter of public education.
7.     Possess exemplary professional ethics and personal integrity.
8.     Prompt, regular and reliable attendance.
9.     Communicates with students, parents, co-workers, supervisors, and the community in a positive and responsive way that is consistently welcoming and enhances effective work relationships.
10.   Demonstrates an appreciation of diversity in all interactions and job functions.
11.   Strong understanding and use of technology.
1.     Doctoral degree or other relevant advanced degree.
2.     Administrative licensure.
3.     Successful experience as a building Principal.
4.     Significant curriculum experience with a large and diverse educational organization.
5.     Experience with project mapping and implementation of curriculum.
6.     Understanding of issues facing public education and vision.
7.     Demonstrated leadership in a complex and evolving educational environment.
8.     Knowledge of design thinking.