The Fergus Falls Public Schools are seeking to fill a full-time district mechanical supervisor. This position would begin July 1, 2021. Salary range is from $68,000-$85,00 depending on licensure and experience.


  1. High school graduate with some technical school background or 5 years of job related experience.
  2. Computer and communication skills including ability to generate reports for federal, state and local requirements.
  3. Knowledge of drafting and design.
  4. Ability to lift and carry at least 50 pounds and work in confined spaces.
  5. Demonstrated mechanical and technical skills.
  6. Demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the techniques of electrical repair.
  7. Chief boiler license.
  8. Asbestos removal certification.
  9. Valid Driver’s license.

Maintaining all structural/electrical/plumbing and HVAC systems and related components in the school district so that full educational use of all buildings may be made at all times.
The tasks listed below are not intended to limit other tasks that might reasonably be assigned as necessary.

  1. Responsible for day-to-day operations, repairs and modifications on all heating systems, cooling systems, electrical generation systems of the district’s school buildings in such a manner as to provide comfortable temperature control, humidity, carbon dioxide and electrical distribution for students and personnel.
  2. Supervise mechanical department workers.
  3. Responsible for maintaining an annual budget for the mechanical department with duties that will include: purchasing equipment, supplies, materials, hiring contractors and assigning personnel to specific tasks to most cost effectively complete work necessary to maintain all systems in care of the mechanical department.
  4. Work with architects, engineers, and other technical personnel to make design modifications, repairs and new construction to the building structure, electrical, plumbing, fire control and HVAC systems including direct digital and pneumatic control systems.
  5. Work closely with administration to deal with biological and chemical hazards that may be present in the district’s school buildings.
  6. Inspect and maintain records for all HVAC equipment to comply with the Federal, State, Local and District requirements.
  7. Participate in in-service training programs and keep up-to date with all licensing, certification & Employee Right to Know, asbestos, and health and safety requirements.
  8. Work on or with any committee or organization developed by or related to the school district such as The Health and Safety Committee as assigned by the district.
  9. Work within legal guildelines.

Application open until filled.

The Fergus Falls Public School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Educator, who fully and actively supports equal access for all qualified applicants, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability status, Genetic Information or Testing, Family & Medical Leave, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law, and prohibits retaliation against individuals who bring forth any complaint, orally or in writing, to the employer or the government, or against any individuals who assist or participate in the investigation of any complaint, or otherwise oppose discrimination.