Job Title: Elementary Teacher – Third Grade

Essential Functions: A full-time (1.0 FTE) Third Grade Teacher at Lincoln Elementary School. Performs professional work providing a broad range of teaching services within our elementary school, assisting students to develop skills, attitudes and learning methods at various levels to a targeted audience.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities: Must have the ability to work as a team in planning and teaching with an emphasis on differentiating instruction and using assessments effectively. Must use the Responsive Classroom approach consistently by conducting regular class meetings, supportive exchanges and clear expectations. Collaboration with grade level team, special education team and specialists to develop a positive learning environment. Collaborate and communicate effectively with parents. Support and follow School Board policies and procedures. Be a positive and contributing member of our professional community.  

Licensure: License by the State of Minnesota in Elementary Education

Application Procedure: Apply online at:

Application Deadline:  9/16/21