Note:  Ukrainian language skills preferred.

Description:  The English Language Learner (ESL) Assistant assists the teacher or their designee by supervising students in the classroom and by preparing materials for use in the classroom. Classroom set-up and clean-up are also a part of this job. The incumbent will work with students who use another
language other than English as their primary form of communication. Independent individual work with the students may occur on a regular basis.

Job Summary:

1. Assist the teacher in the classroom with tutoring the student and other student activities to facilitate communication between the student and teacher.
2. Supervise the student in the lunchroom, classroom, playground or other assigned areas to provide a safe school environment.
3. Assists the teacher by locating resources to help in the presentation of academic instructional materials for the student to ensure a better understanding of the instructional materials.
4. Assist in obtaining student records from the country of origin, obtain permission slips and collect fees from the student’s family.
5. Assist the student in acquiring the necessary academic and daily living skills to function in our schools and community.
6. Provide emergency or snow day information to the student and family.
7. Attend staff and parent meetings as requested by the teacher in order to facilitate communications.
8. Maintain confidentiality of the family and program information.
9. Work as a team member with other staff to promote a positive educational environment.
10. Other job related duties as assigned.


1. High school degree, GED, or equivalent.
2. Ability to communicate well with students whose primary language of communication is a language other than English.
3. Ability to work effectively with parents, students, and other staff
4. Ability to work independently with minimum supervision.
5. General office skills.
6. Willingness to accept and follow directions.
7. Entry level experience – no experience required.
8. Ability to work overtime including evenings, weekends and holidays.

Application Procedure:
Apply online