Hours:  6.5 hours/day; 5 days/week

General Purpose of Job:  Supervise hallways and parking lots and areas of the building determined by the administration on school days.  Individual(s) will encourage appropriate student conduct, attendance, timely student arrivals to class and attempt to prevent loitering, theft, trespassing, etc., on school property. Assist with ATS room.


  • Monitor student and staff vehicles to see that they are parked legally, obey traffic rules and deposit liter in appropriate containers.
  • Positively engage students in redirection of behavior.
  • Be alert to the behaviors of students that would be of concern for the well being of the school.
  • Monitor student behavior on school property.
  • Report suspicious activities on school grounds to appropriate school authorities.
  • Inform appropriate school authorities when emergencies develop or questions arise.


  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Good understanding of the philosophy of Osseo Senior High School; be able to understand, communicate and positively engage senior high students.
  • Basic understanding of discipline and the benefits of good discipline.
  • Knowledge of policies and procedures of the building.

Job Type:  Part-time, school year

Bargaining Unit:  Educational Support Professionals

Salary Range:  Per Contract