Hours:  Monday-Friday, 6.0 hours per day (approximatley 8:50-3:20)

General Purpose of Job:  Edinbrook Elementary is looking for an ESP who has diverse skills.  Candidates must be able to direct and redirect students in a confident manner; possess strong clerical skills, be comfortable working with small groups and large groups.  In addition, candidates must have a positive attitude, be willing to work as part of a team, be flexible with their daily assignments, and be comfortable assisting with instruction in the areas of reading and math.


  • Supervise students in large group situations.
  • Work with students individually or in small groups instructionally.
  • Locate students, write passes, manage a flexible schedule.
  • Assist in small group assessments and data management as it relates to student work in the areas of readin and math.
  • Perform functions associated with classroom protocols.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


  • High school diploma or equivalent.

Job Type:  Part-time, school year

Bargaining Unit:  Educational Support Professionals

Salary Range:  Per Contract