Hours: 6 hours/day; 5 days/week

General Purpose of Job:  Students with cognitive impairments need significant academic, social, and self-care support in school.  Assist the special education teacher in the operation and function of the classroom.  Must have physical capability to lift and attend to needs of student as required.  Depending on program needs, management reserves the right to make changes in your assignment. 


  • Assist in the implementation of the students’ special education instructional plan(s) including physical and behavioral management.  Specific duties are assigned by the supervising teacher based on students’ special needs.
  • Assist in the implementation and follow through of the students’ individual plans in all settings in which the program is delivered and as assigned by the supervising teacher.
  • Collect observational data about assigned student(s) in various school settings and report to supervising teacher.
  • Assist in the preparation, collection and maintenance of educational materials and equipment.
  • Assist staffings, conferences and any other special meetings as requested by supervising teacher.
  • Complete educational forms, reports and other student related data relevant to the individual student(s) in the special education program as directed by the special education teacher.
  • Any other duties deemed necessary by the team and approved by the Special Education Coordinator Special Education Supervisor.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Persons employed shall have the skills needed to perform tasks and work with children, staff and parents.  Must have physical capability to lift and attend to physical needs of students as required.
  • Participation in district training program prior to and during employment.

Job Type:  Part-time, temporary position from September 8, 2021-December 22, 2021

Bargaining Unit:  Educational Support Professionals

Salary Range:  Per Contract