8th Grade Language Arts Teacher (.8 FTE)

Licensure Required:  Licensed to teach middle level language arts 5-8

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Provides and delivers classroom instruction to students incorporating the essential elements of instruction.
a) Provides instruction at appropriate levels of difficulty and in accordance with district curriculum guidelines and criteria.
b) Assesses student progress and determining the need for additional reinforcement or adjustments to instructional plans/techniques/goals.
c) Teaches specific learning objectives.
d) Employs various teaching techniques, methods and principles of learning to best the needs of students and district learning outcomes.
• Plans and develops instructional plans, lessons, experiments, and other support activities to present approved district curriculum in accordance with district goals and objectives. Determines needs and abilities of students and determines methods and techniques to best present and provide instruction to students within assigned subject(s) areas. Organizes classroom supplies and materials.
• Evaluates student performance against learning objectives. Develops tests to test performance, grades performance, corrects papers, and conducts parent teacher conferences to discuss student progress, problems, strengths, concerns or other pertinent issues of the student, family and school. Monitors and assesses student academic performance and growth by administering both formative and summative assessments through observation.
• Oversees the organization and management of students and classroom. Establishes and maintains student control and discipline in the classroom, school premises or during school activities by communicating expectations of appropriate behavior. Employs and implements a classroom structure and consistency to encourage student responsibility, cooperation and mutual respect consistent with district policies and procedures.
• Fosters, develops and encourages involvement of parents and families in the student’s educational and social progress. Communicates and collaborates with parents through telephone conferences, websites, email, newsletters and notes.
• Provides instructional leadership to other support staff within the classroom involved instructional support activities and functions. Assigns activities, provides guidance and instructional oversight.  
 • Collaborates with other educational professionals and administrators regarding the needs of students, instructional needs, new instructional technologies or approaches to student problems, learning or curriculum. Serves on District committees, task forces, administrative meetings or IEP meetings to provide assistance in curriculum development, assessing student progress and performance, or to participate in the building decision-making and improvement processes.
• Performs various classroom administrative and organizational activities such as reporting attendance, recording test scores, grades, and other recordkeeping requirements established by the district.
• Performs other duties of a comparable level or type, as required.
a) Provides professional expertise and assistance to individuals, other district staff and the community concerning areas of instructional expertise/knowledge.
b) Attends training sessions, conferences, seminars, district and departmental meetings.
c) Keeps abreast of changing developments, trends, instructional and educational technologies.

Essential and Specialized Subject Knowledge:
• Teaching principles, practices, techniques and approaches.
• District and building policies concerning discipline and administrative guidelines
• Child development theories and development stages and needs.
• Current trends, theories and technologies pertaining to learning, instruction, and student management.
• Assessment procedures and techniques, test construction and evaluation methods.
• Relevant subject material, concepts and issues related to grade/subject of assignment.
• Understanding of basic office equipment and software used by the district in maintaining records and files (i.e. word processing software, student record databases).
• Instructional technologies and software, equipment, tools and devices used presenting instruction, documenting assessments, student progress or other classroom administrative requirements of the District.

Essential Skills:
• Skilled in planning and developing lesson plans consistent with approved program curriculum.
• Skilled in presenting complex materials and concepts in an understandable and grade appropriate manner.
• Skilled in developing assessment tools, assessing and evaluating student performance and needs.
• Skilled in leading group processes/discussions, utilizing a variety of instruction aids and technologies.
• Ability to write reports, lesson plans, learning objectives, tests, and assists in writing and reviewing curriculum using and applying professional/technical concepts, principles and terminology.
• Ability to deal effectively and appropriately with parents, students, staff and other educational professionals over instructional needs, concerns or problems of the student and district.
• Communication and presentational skills.
• Dealing with children, staff, parents, administrators and other educational professionals over parent and student issues and concerns. Interactions require persuasion, instruction and working with others to gain cooperation and understanding of educational issues/needs. Advises and makes recommendations to district administrators or committees concerning needs in curriculum and learning approaches.