Job Goal:   This position is responsible for establishing and leading a currently successful high school boy’s basketball program. This person in this position is expected to set and example of an exceptional professional educator and be ever mindful that the coach represents Austin Public School District and is expected to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner.

Job Summary:  This position shall be responsible for administering a successful and competitive program, that includes the development of self-discipline, character, teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, citizenship, responsibility and academic excellence.  This position will be expected to encourage student participation and work with all levels of boys basketball programs in Austin.

Areas of Responsibility:

1. Practice planning, development and execution

2. Student conduct and discipline in accordance with MSHSL and Austin Public Schools Policy

3. Game preparation and management

4. Equipment Management

5. Student Athlete preparation and morale

6. Public relations

7. Student welfare

8. In conjunction with the Activities office, student eligibility

Job Duties:

1. Provide Leadership for the Austin High School Boy’s Basketball Team and program.

2. Forster relationship development with all student athletes to assist in developing life skills throughout the program

3. Prepare successful practice and game plans

4. Encorage and provide opportunities to develop strength and conditioning programs for in-season and out of season training.

5. Organize and lead summer programing within the guild lines of the MSHSL waiver period

6. Travel to and from games with the team

7. Schedule all transportation for contests (all levels) with the activities office

8. Maintain compliance with all rules and regulations of the Minnesota State High School League, Big 9 conference and Austin Public Schools

9. Work Collaboratively with staff, families and the community

Application Procedure:
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