The Innovation Hub (I-Hub) Facilitator is responsible for assisting students, faculty, and community members in gaining 21st century technology and learning skills. The Innovation Hub Facilitator is a vital role in transitioning to a student focused learning environment and embracing change towards an innovative use of technology and teaching practice. The facilitator is the contact person for teachers seeking assistance and mentoring with technology related learning in the I-Hub and for their own classrooms. In addition to mentoring others, the role requires the ability to perform technology troubleshooting, managing devices, and learning course-specific software.

This new St. James initiative is the first public school Innovation Hub in the United States sponsored by the collaborative partnership between JAMF and MATTER. Utilizing the latest technology, the Innovation Hub promotes active learning, problem solving, and creativity in a student-centered learning environment, for kids with limited or no access to critical skills and education for their future success.


1.   Primary responsibility is to provide innovation center support for students, staff, and customer service.

2.   Be the primary technical lead for related technologies within the I-Hub, including the network and devices.

3.   Answer questions related to technical issues; however, the goal is to guide others to their own acquisition of knowledge

4.   Learn to use the power of the Apple:  Apple Teacher program, Apple Classroom, and Apple Schoolwork, Everyone Can Code, and Everyone can Create initiatives.

5    Be present, visible, and a mentor available to those requiring technical assistance.

6.   Gain the knowledge and understanding of school attendance and grade programs.

7.   Maintain the inventory, device management software, and services used in the St. James Middle/Senior High School (MSHS) I-Hub program.

8.   Maintain continued communication with other program stakeholders at St. James MSHS and the MATTER team.

9.   Support community use of the Innovation Hub as needed.

10. Serve as the on-site coordinator for future growth of the I-Hub program including device usage, professional development, and network expansion.

11. Facilitate a Middle School (Grades 6, 7 & 8) I-Hub learning experience each day.

12. Other related duties may be assigned.

To perform this job successfully, the Innovation Hub Facilitator should demonstrate the following competencies:

Mindset:  Be a life-long learner and passionate about self-improvement.

Instructional Leadership: The I-Hub is a place for innovation; both for the use of technology and learning practices. As such, it is vital that the Innovation Facilitator have experience working with students at various ages, a willingness to approach learning from the learners’ perspective, and able to model appropriate instructional practices to others.

Customer Service:  Respond promptly in a friendly and helpful manner to questions. Demonstrates patience and persistence when helping difficult or emotional students, as well as students who have little or no computing skills. Maintaining a good attitude when repeatedly answering the same questions to the same students.

Technical Skills: Demonstrate the ability to logically solve basic technical issues. Show s/he is knowledgeable in current operating system and software applications. 

Language:  Along with proficiency in English, being proficient in Spanish, K’iche and/or Mam is a strong benefit to students, school and community.

Inquisitiveness: Willingness to grow and constantly learn. Be an agent for change that puts students first and promotes inquiry-based learning. 

Analytical:  The ability to research unfamiliar technical issues and learn new software and hardware applications.

Problem Solving:  Identify and resolve technical issues in a timely manner. This approach is to be fostered in students and staff. 

Interpersonal Skills: Effectively and courteously helps students and staff with device and technological issues.

Oral Communication: Ability to explain technical issues clearly and concisely.

Professionalism: Keep your tone and speech professional. Model the practices promoted by program leaders to foster a welcoming and safe learning environment. 

Attendance/Punctuality: Ability to manage time. Be reliable, set the example for others.

Dependability: Dependability in following schedules and procedures. Asking for guidance and assistance and open to change is required.

Inquiries about this position should be directed to Karla Beck, Principal, St. James Middle/Senior High School.  507.375.3381 x107.