Description:  Job Summary: 

1. Supervises students in study halls and monitors passes to and from the library, school offices, and classrooms in order to ensure quiet and orderly study hail conducive to learning.
2. Supervises and tutors students in detention or in-school suspension in order to ensure quiet and an orderly detention room conducive to learning and facilitate learning.
3. Supervises students in other areas; such as, hallways, locker rooms, or lunchroom to ensure quite and orderly areas.
4. Performs general teacher assistant duties for the teachers, administrators and office staff: such as correcting papers, collecting or preparing instructional materials, data entry, processing financial transactions for student programs, reporting student absences and discipline problems so that materials and reports are available as needed.
5. Process computerized tests and reports for classes.
6. Other job related duties as assigned.


1. High school diploma, GED, or equivalent.
2. Receive the minimum passing score on the selected Office Skills Test.  (After the posting deadline, selected applicants will be contacted by a member of the Human Resource Department to set up a testing time.  Please be aware that we do not test all applicants.)
3. General clerical and office skills.
4. Training and/or experience in the use of computer equipment.
5. Ability to work effectively with parents, students and other staff
6. Ability to work independently with minimum supervision.
7. Skill to work with and provide proper discipline for students.
8. Willingness to accept and follow direction.
9. Ability to maintain confidentiality.
10. Ability to work overtime including evenings, weekends and holidays.

Application Procedure:
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