General Outline: In this role at the ALC, an individual must be dynamic and flexible. We have a student population who struggled to find success in the traditional setting and must be afforded an alternative experience. As part of the ALC team, we are seeking an individual who can be supportive of students when they need a quiet space to work.

Duty Outline:

  • Perform general nursing duties (Per direction from Nursing Supervisor)

    • Communicate with families when health concerns arise.

    • Complete documentation as requested from the Nursing Supervisor

  • Support Food Service with Breakfast and Evening Meals

    • Document meals being consumed and distributed (Per FNS)

  • Supervise lunch hour in an alternative location away from the Gymateria.

  • Support students with academics in small groups.

  • Support the morning check-in process and distribution of iPads.

  • Manage the collection of student iPads at the end of the school day.