Licensed School Nurse (LSN)
Full Time

Locatiion:  Serves Monroe Elementary and Evergreen Park Elementary combined.
Work in nursing role with students.
Duties include but not be limited to:  Maintain student optimum health; student health care planning, assessment, screening, referral, documentation, disease prevention and surveillance, and complete medical procedures.

Minimum Qualifications:  Requires MDE Licensed School Nurse (LSN) License, current license in MN as a RN, PHN certificate, and CPR/AED for health care provider’s certification. Ability to triage, react quickly, decisively, and calmly.  Ability to maintain confidentiality.  Ability to accept and utilize supervision.  Good oral and written communication skills.  Interest in working in a high paced nursing rols with children/adolescents.
(Anoka-Hennepin will make every effort to hire teachers with full standard licenses in the assigned subject and grade level.)

Start Date:  10/29/21.  This position may be filled immediately after 7 posting days (after: 10/14/21) by an appropriately licensed candidate (PELSB Tier 3 or Tier 4 license); or by a candidate eligible for PELSB Tier 2 license after a 15-day posting period.

All Applicants must complete the Anoka-Hennepin Schools online application at