Lunch Aide/Recess Aide

Lunch Aide: Assist with supervision of students during the lunch hour. 
Recess Aide: Assist with supervision of students during lunch recess.

Maintains a positive attitude and style in dealing with others in a manner that contributes to the overall operation of the school. 

Has the ability to develop and maintain positive and harmonious relationships with students, coworkers and other members of the KCS community.


Lunch/Recess Aide duties/responsibilities include:

Lunch Set-up:

  • Get sanitary solution ready for cleaning tables
  • Place tables down in cafeteria and arrange as needed
  • Prepare lunch garbage cans and empty
  • Set out plastic bins for lunch boxes
  • Put Out Behavior Signage

Lunchroom Attendant:

  • Monitor safety of the students
  • Assist students with lunches, microwaves and other needs
  • Maintain a safe, contamination free environment for students with allergy needs
  • Wipe tables off with sanitary solution when each lunch period is complete
  • Help students dump trays and place silverware in the wash bin
  • Empty garbage as necessary
  • Clean inside and outside of microwaves
  • Sanitize all lunch table tops and wipe down seats
  • Lift up lunch tables
  • Take kitchen garbage out
  • Take dirty towels to the laundry area in the staff work room
  • Put the lunch bins away
  • Empty sanitizer bottles
  • Sweep floor

Recess Aide:

  1. Monitor safety of all students
  2. Be prepared to go outside everyday
  3. Set up play area including putting out behavior signage
  4. Bring playground equipment out
  5. Wipe off playground equipment if necessary
  6. If playground is too muddy, notify the office
  7. If indoor recess, prepare gym
  8. Maintain a ratio of 1 recess aide to 50 students
  9. Monitor that students are playing in a safe/respectable manner
  10. Monitor students are using equipment safely to ensure safety when using playground equipment
  11. Supervise play
  12. Organize games when possible
  13. Discipline students as necessary
  14. Report and unsafe conditions to Supervisor
  15. Other duties as assigned