Cannon Falls Area School is searching for a highly qualified candidate to lead our One Act Play program.



*  Has the ability to organize and supervise a total One Act Play performance while implementing long-term program wide plans and goals.

*  Previous successful Director experience is encouraged, but not required.

*  Must have substantial knowledge of the technical aspects of one act play performances, as well as the ability to successfully teach skills and techniques to student-performers.

*  Must communicate well with all stakeholders: student-performers, Assistant Directors (if applicable), parents, and Administration.

*  Must keep clear and accurate data for the program (if applicable).


Reports to:

The Activities Director and Administration from Cannon Falls Area School.



Any Assistants (paid and volunteer), as well as overseeing the complete OAP personnel and performances.


Duties and Responsibilities:

*  Teaches the fundamental skills and techniques to all performers and coaches.

*  Teaches with enthusiasm and strives for success, as well as sportsmanship, values, pride of accomplishment, acceptable social behavior, self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-control.

*  Understands and accepts the proper line of command, and refers all requests and grievances through proper channels.

*  Understands and accepts purpose vs goal, as well as teaching with a transformational approach to all student-performers in the program.


The potential candidate must pass the following:

*  Interview committee recommendation

*  Background check

*  Approval from Administration

*  Approval from Cannon Falls Area School Board


The position is considered open until filled and is posted both internally and externally.


The potential candidate must apply and submit materials using applitrack found on the school website.


Please contact Activities Director Reid Olson with any questions @