Internal Applicant Deadline:  April 8th, 2022

Position Type: Summer Special Education Paraprofessional (Multiple Positions, 32 Hours/week)

Location: District Wide

Description: Edina Public Schools is seeking applicants for summer long special education paraprofessionals.

Preferred Qualifications:

·         Ability to work with a flexible daily schedule for 32 hours per week, for 8-10 weeks of summer programming.
·         Experience in working with early childhood, elementary or secondary aged students.
·         Experience working with diverse student populations.  
·         Experience in working with students with social, emotional, and behavioral needs.
·         Experience working with students on the autism spectrum.

Tasks involved in fulfilling above duty/responsibility:

·         Works to provide on-going and unique student specific support during recovery service experiences or academic centers.
·         Works under the direction of a certified special education teacher and director supporting students on Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) across                             various settings and programming.
·         Demonstrates an understanding of the implementation of IEP goals, services, and accommodations.
·         Ability to follow accommodations on student’s IEP.
·         Assists students on IEPs with personal care services and activities of daily living including toileting and eating if needed
·         Perform student transfers safely
·         Works with students in functional living skills, community and vocational environments
·         Assists with bus arrival and departure monitoring
·         Monitors and implements accommodations for students on IEPs during unstructured times throughout the day, including playground and lunchroom
·         Demonstrates on-the-job professionalism
·         Communicates on an on-going basis with special education teacher or director who directs your work
·         Collaborates with educational professionals who also support and work with students on IEPs

Rate of Pay: $16.96-$20.20 per hour depending on previous experience related to the position.