Project KIDSprovides a high-quality before and after school program in a fun, educational and recreational environment for children, kindergarten through grade 5.
Research show that quality before and after-school programs keep kids safe, help working families and improve school attendance and academic achievement. 
Our curriculum is based on the needs and interests of the children at each site. Kids have opportunities to provide input into what types of projects and activities are available and the physical make-up of the environment. Allowing children to participate this way follows best practice, helps to develop independence while fostering community and keeps kids engaged and interested in what is happening in their environment. 
Caring and educated staff members provide fun, consistent, nurturing environments and access to caring adults who provide the support children need to succeed. Whether it is through conversation, homework help or guidance, our goal is to ensure the success of children in our communities by establishing positive relationships, providing educational and recreational activities and offering opportunities for kids to share ideas and feel valued. 

For our 1:1 position, we are requesting that you have previous experience working 1:1 with school aged children.

Instructional Support

  • Reinforce concepts already taught in small group or one-on-one

  • Redirect students to task at hand

  • Implement behavior support plan strategies

  • Implement age appropriate activities that meet the social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of the children.

  • Manage learning & practice of appropriate behavior/Social Skills

Student Support

  • Respond to emergency situations and provide verbal and physical support which will likely include medical assistance 

  • Escort students throughout the building

  • Make discipline referrals to coordinator

  • Monitor and redirect students in lunchroom, playground, bus, classrooms and general areas

  • Provide direct support with daily organizational needs

  • Maintain daily communication with other staff members, program coordinator and parents as needed

  • Directly assist individual children with day to day activities and monitor progress and conduct

  • Implement individual student behavior plans including providing positive reinforcement, assisting with self-regulation and behavior de-escalation, assisting students to transition from general education classrooms and other school settings when behaviors are interfering with learning, and implementing safe restraint procedures when required.  

Personal Care Assistance

  • Provide direct support with student with dressing

  • Provide direct support in physical management of student

  • Provide direct support with personal hygiene of students

  • Perform student transfer/mobility and positioning assistance, which may include lifting and transferring

  • Provide bathroom assistance and toileting of students, which may include changing diapers 
  • Provide medical services as needed by the child

Physical Job Requirements:

  • Position requires frequent lifting up to 40lbs + pounds

  • Position requires standing for an extended amount of time

  • Position requires participation in physical education

  • Position involves bending and stooping

  • Position involves listening, speaking clearly and visual acuity

  • Position involves assisting in moving students

  • May be required to physically restrain students if they are at risk of hurting themselves or others

Mental Job Requirements:

  • Position requires accuracy

  • Position requires organization and the ability to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines

  • Position requires handling multiple tasks at once while dealing with constant interruptions

  • Position requires flexibility and a willingness to undertake a variety of tasks sometimes at the direction of more than one person

  • Position requires handling conflict resolution  

Hazardous Working Conditions:

  • Normal office conditions

  • Exposure to body fluids and airborne pathogens

  • Exposure to temperature and weather changes

  • Exposure to noise from students

  • Potential injury and emotional outbursts from students

View our website to see more information abut Project Kids.  

Application Process

  • Our online application system offers the opportunity to upload additional information such as a cover letter, resume, references and transcripts. Paper or e-mail copies of these materials will not be accepted.
  • Interviews will be conducted with candidates that best meet the current needs of the District.
  • Review of materials will start immediately.
  • The position will be filled on an undesignated time-frame when, and not until, the right candidate emerges.