The Redwood Area School District is hiring a Resource Connector for our Early Childhood Special Education families.  This position is funded through a 1-year grant from the Minnesota Department of Education to assist the RASD in supporting our 0-3 year old students and their parents/guardians.  Application deadline is August 14, 2022.  Position will be open until filled.  EOE

The Resource Connector will:
*attend learning sessions with ECSE, OT, PT and Speech providers to understand the interventions and teaching taking place.
*return to the home between educational sessions to check-in with families and to model consistency of skills taught to during the educational services.
*provide resources for families, assuring that materials are culturally relevant.
*provide iTunes downloads of culturally relevant music for lullabies, dancing and creating.
*provide supplies needed to implement the strategies and interventions taught by the ECSE and other service providers.
*organize and implement five Family Engagment Experiences – two in the Lower Sioux Tribal Community, two at the Redwood Area Community Center and one at Can sa yapi (Ramsey) Park.
*track paperwork and communications with ECSE and Early Childhood staff.
*assist families with connecting to the broader Redwood Area community of services (transportation, food pantry, health care, library, car seat purchases, etc).
*assist with a survey in the Fall of 2022 to ascertain the greatest needs of our 0-3 year old ECSE students and families.
*participate in the Early Childhood Transition Team meetings and planning sessions.

Requirements for employment:
2-year degree or higher preferred but not required.
Ability to travel for home and school visits.
The Resource Connector will report to Kara Kuehn, Early Childhood Coordinator.

This position will begin on August 22, 2022 and will be completed in early- to mid-June of 2023.
Salary for 2022-2023 will be $45,864.13, plus benefits.
The contract is based on a 194-days calendar.
Interviews will be conducted the week of August 15, 2022.

Inquiries about this position can be made to Karla Beck, Director of Teaching & Learning; or 507.644.8069.