Description: Secondary Math Teacher

FTE: .5 FTE; 185 days/year

Secondary mathematics licensure (7-12) required. Also, qualified candidates will demonstrate the following: prior experience, interest, and skill in working effectively with middle-level school students; desire and ability to work cooperatively with other department members; a positive attitude and strong human relations skills; excellent classroom management skills; ability to adapt instruction to various learning levels and styles; openness and availability to students; teaching effectiveness. Commitment to working effectively with students and families from diverse cultural, ability, and economic backgrounds; demonstrated preparation, skill, and commitment to providing for the individual learning needs of all students; ability to create positive, inclusive learning environments for all students; skill in using positive, constructive disciplinary approaches; ability to organize and plan for student learning; familiarity with current teaching/learning theories; skill in establishing and maintaining positive relationships; diversity of interests and experience; ability to work with high school students.

Application Procedure:
Apply online