Site COVID-19 Staff Testing Coordinator 

Stipend: $100/bi-weekly testing (Each site will provide an opportunity to test bi-weekly)


Coordination of a bi-weekly staff surveillance screening program intended to identify COVID-19 cases in people who are asymptomatic or before people develop symptoms

Midwest Coordination Center Testing Information.  


Testing site coordinator Bi-Weekly Responsibilities: 

  • Participate in program training through Midwest Testing Center

  • Work with building administration to determine time and location for weekly testing

  • Regular communication through email to promote attendance of staff participating in testing

  • If the site has a large number of participants, the site coordinator will establish a registration system such as Signup Genius (Ensure privacy for participants) for staff to sign up for a testing time slot.  Allow 10 minutes for each test to be completed and station cleaned. 

  • Secure cleaning supplies for testing stations that will be provided by the district

  • Set up clinic on testing day

  • Adherence to Standard Precautions for infection prevention 

  • Monitor as staff perform the self-swab

  • Cleaning of the testing station after each participant

  • Collect the specimens from the staff

  • Pack specimens and prepare for scheduled FedEx pickup

  • Complete the testing collection report to provide information about the kits used and remaining.  Order additional test for next screening clinic

  • Report questions and concerns to the Covid Testing Program Covid Coordinator

Time Commitments:

  • Upfront time to work through the logistics with the building administration

  • Participate in a one-hour training by Midwest Testing Center

  • Participate in any on-going training as needed with Program Coordinator

  • One to two hours weekly once a routine has been established


Continuation of site program testing is dependent on the number of participants and state and federal mandate requirements.  This stipend may be eliminated due to any of the following:

  • Lack of participation at the site.  

  • Testing sites need to be combined due to little or lack of participation at a site