The Site Leader assures a well-run, customer-focused quality program by supervising children and staff, organizing activities, materials, and program logistics for participants and their parents.
Location:  Rogers Discovery Learning

Starting Wage: $15.48/hour

Job Summary:

1.   Supervise children (grades K-6 and/or other ages) at program sites to ensure a safe, quality, learning environment.
2.   Plan, organize, and maintain a variety of age appropriate materials and activities so that participants have a safe, diverse and quality experience.
3.   Greet families and check in/out children daily; maintain attendance records and informational forms so that participant safety and records are maintained.
4.   Manage on-site registration drop box and coordinate registrations with Community Education office so records are current and accurate.
5.   Maintain inventory of snacks and all supplies so that logistical needs are anticipated and met.
6.   Greet enrichment instructors, provide class lists, supplies, prepare classrooms for use, etc., so that enrichment classes are facilitated.
7.   Serve as Lead Chaperone on field trips so children are safe and the event(s) go smoothly.
8.   Ensure that students are in correct enrichment classes and activity locations so that class ratios are maintained.
9.   Supervise designated staff or volunteers on the site so that the best use is made of personnel and that participants are well-supervised and safe.
10.  Assist in developing and carrying out appropriate plans for children with special needs to successfully participate in the program.
11.  Communicate with the Coordinators and Manager of Community Education and other program and school staff so that programs run smoothly and problems are discussed and solved.
12.  Communicate with parents, teachers, and office staff at the school to ensure coordinated services and consistent practices.
13.  Assist in promoting the program(s) to help parents, staff and others understand the benefits of the program; such as enhancing the school curriculum and promoting positive child development.
14.  Attend required School District training in Bloodborne Pathogens, Right-to-Know, and First Aid/CPR (unless currently certified) so that participants are supervised by knowledgeable and certified staff.
15.  Attend staff meetings and required staff development to maintain and improve the  knowledge and skills necessary to provide a comprehensive program.
16.  Follow and enforce policies and guidelines of the program to ensure quality and consistency.
17.  Other job related duties as assigned. 

1.   High school degree, GED, or equivalent.
2.   Training in areas such as child development, child guidance, human relations, recreation or enrichment programming.
3.   At least two thousand (2,000) hours of experience working with elementary age children.
4.   Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work well with others.
5.   Ability to organize and maintain records, information, and activities.

Application Procedure:
Apply online