Job Title: Social Worker, Summer Academy -Middle School

Reports to: Summer Academy Administrator

Position Site: Inver Grove Heights Middle School


Position Summary:

Summer Academy Social Worker will be responsible for providing services as a liaison between families and the school to positively promote collaborative processes and encouraging parent/guardian participation in the school setting.  Middle School Summer Academy will be held at IGHMS. 



Hourly Wage: $29.28 per hour (BA, Step 1) (Full Day Training will be at the rate of $130 for the full day)

Required Position Dates: 

  • Mandatory All Staff Training: Tuesday, June 15th, 2020  (9:00 am – 3:00 pm)

    • All Summer Academy staff are required to attend the full day training.

      • Important: If you are unable to attend the training, you must note this in your application.


  • SA Program Dates: 

June 21-24 (M-Th)

June 28-July 1 (M-Th)

July 6-9 (T-Fr)

July 12-15 (M-Th)


  • Classroom Preparation: Teachers will be paid up to 5 additional flexible hours for collaboration with their Summer Academy PLC and for planning instruction and final grading to be used between the dates of June 14 – July 15. 


Hours: 8:00 am – 12:30 pm    (Students Hours are 8:30am – 12:00 pm with school doors opening at 7:20 am)

  • Teachers are required to be on-site from 8:00 am – 12:30 pm each school day. 

    • Final Day – July 15: The final day of Summer Academy –  all staff must be on site for program closing and clean up an extra hour (until 1:30pm).


Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • Licensed by the State of Minnesota as a social worker.


Job Duties:  

Summer Academy Program Responsibilities:

  • Throughout the program, collaborative with grade level teachers and program staff as a Professional Learning Community dedicated to ensuring a welcoming and inclusive environment for students, families and staff.

  • Greet all students in a welcoming, inclusive manner by being visible in the hallway outside of the classroom each morning. 

  • Breakfast & Lunch: During Summer Academy, teachers will supervise their class during both breakfast and lunch. This is an important part of the school day to build positive relationships with students and form a strong classroom community. 

  • Bus Duty: Classroom teachers must walk their class to the buses each day and remain outside until all buses have departed. For the safety of our students, staff must start the day at 8:00 am and remain in the building until 12:30 pm each day. 


Social Worker Essential Functions: 

  • Consult with teachers, school administration, parents and others, as appropriate

  • Function as a member of the summer school staff team as requested.

  • Working knowledge of the principles, practices and ethical standards of social workers; relevant state and federal laws, rules and regulations; and applicable district policies and procedures.

  • Ability to deal effectively and appropriately with students, parents, and other educational professionals regarding student concerns and problems, regardless of socioeconomic or educational status. 

  • Ability to consult with school personnel in developing and implementing effective interventions for students.

  •  Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.


Professional Responsibilities:

  • Ability to determine, prioritize, schedule and complete complex job assignments and projects without supervision and within the time allocated.

  • Ability to operate independently and effectively while following established procedures and protocols.

  • Ability to anticipate and/or recognize problems and/or complications and to determine and implement practical corrective solutions to problems and issues.

  • Ability to communicate appropriately with individuals regardless of socioeconomic, ethnic or educational status.

  • Ability to demonstrate critical thinking skills when completing unique or complex job assignments. 

  • Ability to determine what is confidential and proprietary information and how to use that information in a proper manner.

  • Ability to communicate positively about the school district at all times. 


Performance Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a liaison between families and the school to positively promote collaborative processes in education planning for students by encouraging parent/guardian participation in the school setting.

  • Provide small group sessions to students based on needs determined at the building level.

  • Collaborate with school staff and other school system personnel in implementing strategies to promote student learning.

  • Participate as a member of the IEP and other school-based teams to develop interventions for promoting students’ academic success as requested.

  • Serve on both school-based and system-wide committees to address educational issues, adjustment problems, safety issues, and program development for students as requested.

  • Provide crisis intervention.

  • Provide staff consultation on behavioral/emotional/environmental issues affecting student participation in the learning process.

  • Conduct staff development on issues related to social/emotional/environmental factors that impact learning.

  • Conduct classroom meetings, social skills groups, and classroom presentations on identified areas of concern for the students.

  • Maintain required records and submit appropriate documents for statistical reports.

  • Conduct home visits related to establishing communication and positive connections between the parent/guardian and school setting around identified issues as requested.

  • Serve as a liaison with community agencies and assist in fostering communication between schools, parents/guardians, and community leaders.

  • Attend local collaborative and additional meetings and professional development activities, including specific parent-teacher conferences as requested.

  • Collaborate with other providers to problem-solve solutions regarding student-family issues.

  • Link families to appropriate mental health providers and other community resources.

  • All other duties as assigned by the supervisor or Superintendent of schools.


Additional Program Details: Free breakfast and lunch is provided to all students registered for the Summer Academy program. Transportation is available before and after school to students who live within the district boundaries.

Inver Grove Heights Community Schools is an equal opportunity employer and supports an inclusive workplace environment.