The Special Education Coordinator will be responsible for ongoing planning, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of special education programs and due process compliance, in all categories including ASD, EBD, DAPE, DCD, SLD, PI, OHI, etc. This is accomplished through collaboration with principals, administrators, and other stake holders, supervision of staff, management of resources and interagency planning.

Job Summary:
1.         Provide ongoing supervision of student programs in special education to ensure high quality educational instruction.
2.         Consult with building staff on students with special education needs in order to prevent and address problems/issues.
3.         Arrange for regular special education meetings with staff at individual schools for problem solving and for staff development in order to meet staff needs.
4.         Report to the Director of Special Services in regard to major issues.
5.         Attend IEP and interagency meetings, and conciliation or mediation conferences as appropriate.
6.         Participate in budget planning annually and assist in monitoring expenditures in order to meet staffing and supply needs.
7.         Support School District administration in special education staff evaluation per School District procedures.
8.         Assist in the assessment of staff work loads and makes recommendations for change when needed.
9.         Collaborate with building Principals on the provision of services consistent with School District and building philosophy as well as State and Federal rules in order to maintain compliance with required regulations and procedures.
10.       Monitor instructional practice and documentation consistent with State and Federal rules so that the School District complies with these.
11.       Assist in the interview process and recommends candidates for hire to assure that special education requirements are met.
12.       Other job related duties as assigned.


1.         Master degree in special education.
2.         Valid Minnesota teaching license in one (1) or more special education areas (ASD, EBD, SLP, DCD, SLD, PI, etc.) and a special education director’s license.
3.         Past experience and expertise in supervision.
4.         Good communication and problem-solving skills.

Application Procedure:
Apply online