1.0 FTE Special Education Long Term Substitute Teaching position from approximately January 11 through April 4th, 2021.


*  Develop and implement positive behavior and social skills curriculum.

*  Develop and implement academic curriculum.

*  Conduct assessments as part of the special education evaluation process: academic, observations and Functional Behavioral Assessments.

*  Provide case management for students.

*  Maintain student records of services provided.

*  Participate in IEP and in-take meetings.

*  Performs other related duties as assigned.


*  Must have current Minnesota teaching license in ABS or multi area licensure

*  Current Certification in Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI).

*  Experience in developing and implementing a variety of behavior strategies and interventions for effective programming, including Functional Behavioral Assessments.

*  Experience implementing strategies for improving social skills.

*  Ability to lift up to 50 pounds weight (and/or up to adult-size body weight with two-to-three person lift).

*  Experience with standardized assessment tools.

*  Knowledge of Special Education Due Process procedures.

*  Skills  in developing Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) and Behavioral Intervention Plans (BIP’s)

*  Ability to communicate with parent/guardian and team members.

Application Deadlines:
Internal Applicants:  October 19th, 2020

External Applicants:  Open until filled

Application Procedure:
Please apply online.