Job Summary:
ISD 199 has a district wide opening in special education programs. Elementary special education paraprofessional positions are paid 6.5 hours per day. Secondary special education paraprofessional positions are paid 6.75 hours per day. 

Minimum qualifications:

  • A high school diploma or GED and one of the following:
    • An AA, AS, AAS (or higher) degree, or
    • Two years of post-secondary coursework (60 semester credits or 90 quarter credits) from an accredited institution of higher education which are applicable toward a bachelors degree, or
    • Passing score of 460 (or higher) on the ParaPro Assessment.  (For more information on the ParaPro Assessment, contact Educational Testing Service at 1-800-772-9476 or
  • Basic skills in reading, writing and math
  • Proficient in understanding of educational software applications to assist students
  • Proficient in oral and written communication skills
  • Proficient in organizational skills
  • Capable of working cooperatively and congenially to develop good relationships with  other employees, supervisors and students
  • Understanding of and ability to maintain confidentiality related to student data
  • Ability to be punctual in reporting to work and for assigned duties

The essential functions include, but are not limited to, the following fundamental duties:

  • Explain, assist, and guide special education students with class assignments.
  • Carry out and monitor the behavior of special education students in various settings by observing and keeping records, advising students and directing appropriate behavior.
  • Assist in the implementation of behavior management techniques (restitution charting, time out supervision, crisis intervention, stopping physical and argumentative fights including physical restraint procedures of special education students and assist in other special education student supervision assignments (school events, meal time, loading and unloading buses, assemblies, playground, etc.) when appropriate.
  • Reinforce instruction of special education students through individual or small group activities.
  • Assist special education students by use of adjunctive communication styles and systems such as communication boards, signing, touch talkers, computers, etc.
  • Maintain positive rapport and model respect with special education students and staff
  • Assist the special education teacher(s) and specialists with modifying materials regarding the instruction of IEP students.
  • Maintain confidentiality of information regarding students, staff, and program operation.
  • Assist special education students with their personal needs and behavior control as directed by the special education teacher(s) and/or specialists implementing these duties may include:
    1. Assist with toileting including diapering and training schedules as indicated in the IEP; maintaining toileting area and equipment.
    2. Assist with special accommodations including wheelchair, adaptive equipment, braces, etc.
    3. Assist with activities connected with self-help, grooming, assistance at locker, and
    4. Assist with student(s) organizational tasks and before and after school check-in and check-out.
    5. Assist with meal area and equipment.
  • Attend staff meetings, IEP meetings, staff development, and other district activities as directed.
  • Provide feedback to special education teacher(s) and/or therapists regarding student(s) performance.
  • Assist in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the classroom setting when paraprofessional is assigned to special education programs; i.e., ECSE, CID, or specific children needing classroom assistance and modifications.  Any other work in this area should be incidental and not a regular part of the assignment.
  • Perform other duties as appropriate to working with students with disabilities.

Special education paraprofessionals may be required to perform bus duty before and after school.  Bus duty includes helping load special education students into the bus, lock wheelchairs into place, fasten seatbelts and/or shoulder harnesses, help maintain behavior on the bus, maintain comfort and hygiene on the bus, assist in unloading the bus, bring students into the school building and assist students in getting to the proper classrooms, escort students from bus to residence.

Pay and Benefits:
The rate of pay for these position is $19.40- $19.62 per hour.  Paraprofessionals work during the school day when students are present.  Insurance benefits are available to full-time employees and part-time employees who work at least twenty hours per week.


Inver Grove Heights Community Schools is an equal opportunity employer and supports an inclusive workplace environment.