Reports to: Assistant Director of IDL

FTE: 0.5 


*Note: This position does require some in-person services with preference to a 5 half days/week schedule.




The Special Services Coordinator is responsible to organize, facilitate and coordinate the due process rules and regulations including the implementation of special education services which are in compliance with appropriate services for students with disabilities in the Hopkins Online Royal Academy.  This role requires an understanding and utilization of the Hopkins Leadership Framework Competencies.         



  • Advises and supports school leadership and Academic Support Specialist/our physical site-based colleagues to develop the schedule

  • Assists case managers with reviewing IEPs, grades, credits, scores, schedules and needs of SPED students for correct placement in schedules, courses and programs

  • Communicates and advocates for SPED staff needs to the Online Royal Academy school leadership and Special Services district leadership 

  • Advises and supports school leadership pertaining to alignment of staffing capacity based on students’ needs, IEPs and due process requirements

  • Promotes the development of team capacity and cohesion amongst the online special service staff 

  • Coordinates and coaches online special service staff and their programming

  • Collaborates with a variety of teams to (re)align and develop new programming to fit changing needs and best practices in online settings

  • Collaborates with our physical site-based colleagues to coordinate and monitors progress of related services for online scholars

  • Collaborates with and monitor progress of due process (IEPs and evaluations) with online and site-based psychologists, SPED clerical support and others 

  • Collaborates with Special Services district leadership to determine location of services for current and incoming enrollment requests for special education students

  • Serves as the liaison for Online Royal Academy with current and incoming special education students and caregivers 

  • Serves as the liaison for Online Royal Academy with transitioning enrollment of special education students and our physical site-based colleagues.  



  • Communicates and meets with testing coordinators on FASTBridge, MAPS testing, MCA and MTAS, and any other standardized testing that may need accommodations, modifications, groupings or alternate testing locations

  • Ensures testing accommodations are provided with fidelity to students


Transition and scheduling:

  • Works with online SPED staff to develop a plan to ensure communication about student needs, parents concerns and student services are correctly planned for and transition is developed for specific areas

  • Meets with incoming online parents to discuss students’ needs, answer questions and provide overview of programming


Case Management/Student Issues:

  • Assists case managers when students are in crisis and/or stressful situations 

  • Communicates with and advises school leadership of increased student concerns

  • Ensures that case managers are communicating with parents in a timely manner to develop a documented plan to increase desired behaviors

  • Acts as SPED representative if case manager is not available when school leadership action is required

  • Advises and supports case managers during Manifestation Determination meetings


Duties for Special Services Department:

  • Acts as Administrative Designee at IEP meetings when necessary

  • Leads special education departmental meetings to discuss upcoming issues, scheduling, disperse information and gain feedback to work with Online Royal Academy and district administration to advocate for the department 

  • Promotes the team development of special services staff and general education staff and develops relationships to effectively work between departments to create the best environment for students and staff

  • Supports case managers with daily duties, questions and to promote a spirit of support and collaboration with SPED department staff

  • Meets monthly with the Special Education Administration

  • Serves on the MTSS team for pre-referral interventions and SPED referral guidance

  • Fields SPED referral inquiries (teacher, Online Royal Academy, parent)


Other Functions:

  • Performs additional duties as determined by the Director and Assistant Director of Special Services, Assistant Director of IDL and the Hopkins Online Royal Academy Associate Principal.

  • Develops an understanding of and implement the 6 Hopkins Leadership Framework competencies; Culture Leadership, Empathy Leadership, Equity Leadership, Innovation Leadership, Learning Leadership, Operational Leadership

  • Strong commitment to anti-racist practices and systems


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Teaching experience in a Special Education setting for at least 5 years 

  • Licensure in special education

  • Strong leadership skills in facilitating group processes and positive team coherence in the Online Royal Academy

  • Communication skills in a variety of settings and experiences

  • Knowledge and skills in due process compliance and accountability

  • Knowledge and skills in program assessment, design, delivery and evaluation

  • Understanding of special education trends and changes in IDEA as well as in federal and state rules and regulations

  • Excellent time management skills and organizational skills to handle multiple tasks simultaneously

  • Tolerance for ambiguity, tenacity with follow-up and creativity in development of the individual Online Royal Academy needs, while seeing the “larger” vision of the district

  • Ability to work with parents/families as well as scholars, staff and support staff in problem-solving strategies

  • Ability to engage in problem-solving and conflict resolutions

  • Ability to prioritize and manage the volume of requests and responsibilities

  • Experience teaching and/or coordination online programs



Per Hopkins Education Association (HEA) Master Agreement