Position:  Student Programs Specialist – McKinney-Vento & Foster Care
Work Schedule: 
Monday-Friday, 8 Hours/Day; 190 days per year
Start Date:  ASAP
Salary: $39,818
Benefits:  Single contribution Health, Dental, vision, 403b matching   


The Student Programs Specialist for McKinney-Vento & Foster Care will support the District Homeless Education and Foster Care Liaison and Student Services Director in supporting homeless students and adhering to the requirements of the McKinney-Vento Act, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), and Title I Homeless and Foster Care Provisions and Requirements. This position is responsible for supporting provision of services to students deemed McKinney-Vento and Foster Care eligible under legal definition, communicating the impact of homelessness and foster care on students, collaborating with various staff to meet legal requirements, and building partnerships with community organizations, including the county, to support students experiencing homelessness and foster care placements.

Required Qualifications:
1.  Bachelor’s Degree
2.  Excellent communications skills.
3.  Highly organized and efficient in record keeping, scheduling, communication plans, and meeting deadlines.
4.  Enthusiastic, adapts well to different situations, dependable, with the ability to work in a self-directed manner with a diverse group of families, colleagues, and community partners.
5.  Proven ability to manage multiple responsibilities.
6.  Demonstrated skills to work independently.  
7.  Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively and ability to handle conflict.  

Preferred Qualifications:
1.  Experience working with variety of age groups.
2.  Experience working with diverse cultural backgrounds.
3.  Experience working with community partners and county workers.
4.  Experience training staff on legal requirements.
5.  Demonstrated ability to manage computer database programs.
6.  Understanding of McKinney-Vento Law and student rights.
7.  Understanding of Foster Care Requirements in Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

1.  Ensure compliance with Mckinney-Vento Act for all homeless students in ISD 622; maintenance of internal homeless student tracking system and database; approve and deny Inclusion Requests for Eligibility.
2.  Ensure compliance with Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) for all students in foster care in ISD 622; maintenance of internal foster care student tracking system and database; confirm foster care eligibility with the county.  
3.  Collaborate with county agencies and district business office regarding Foster Care Transportation Contracts per ESSA and MDE regulations.  
4.  Support and communicate with School Social Workers regarding eligibilty status of students weekly.
5.  Educate School Social Workers and other essential school staff on prevention of homelessness, eligibility determination, McKinney-Vento Law, issues surrounding homelessness and foster care placements, and use of the homeless services and foster care services tracking databases. 
6.  Collaborate with staff in the Transportation Department regarding students who are McKinney-Vento and Foster Care eligible to arrange transportation to school during the school year and summer programming.  
7.  Maintain accurate records related to program grants.  Assist the Homeless Liaison and Student Services Director in the application process for additional funding and/or grants.
8.  Assist the Homeless Liaison in organizing Tubman tutoring program each year by posting annually, coordinating interviews and participating in the hiring process for Tubman Tutors lead by the Homeless Liaison, training the Tubman tutors, coordinating the tutor schedule, and maintaining ongoing communication and partnership with shelter staff.  
9.  Represent ISD 622 Homeless Youth through attendance at monthly meetings with the community partners and communicate with area homeless shelters (MAEHCY Meetings, Finding Home Task Force, Tubman Community Parters, and Heading Home Suburban Ramsey County, etc.).
10.  Attend annual trainings through MDE on ESSA Foster Care Provisions.
11.  Attend national homeless conference (NAEHCY) per grant specifications.
12.  Coordinate with database programmer for technical support.
13.  Assist Homeless Education and Foster Care Liaison and Student Services Director on additional initiatives related to the Distrct’s homeless and foster care students, McKinney-Vento Program, Foster Care Services, and Title I Homeless Provisions and Requirements.  
14.  Other duties as assigned.  

ISD 622 is an equal opportunity employer and supports an inclusive workplace environment.