Paraprofessional Class VI: $16.70 per hour or above depending on experience.

8 hours per day
172 days per year

Job Summary:

The Student Support Specialist will support students’ personal, social, and academic achievement through targeted guidance, consultation, and education services.  Responsibilities include assisting administrative staff with disciplinary infractions and implementation of the PBIS system, assisting families and students with building acclimation, and assisting with the data components of the PBIS system.  The Student Support Specialist will:

–       Provide individual support to students with identified behavioral concerns and needs. 
–       Follow building disciplinary plans and district discipline policies.
–       Build positive relationships with students.
–       Consult and collaborate effectively with parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, and other education/community resources regarding students with identified behavioral concerns and needs. 
–       Implement, monitor, and track building behavior systems. 
–       Serve as a point of contact for families new to the building. 
–       Respond to student and family questions and requests. 
–       Provide outreach and support to parents/guardians in order to promote positive school/family relationship and enhance student learning. 
–       Act as a liaison between teachers, parents/guardians, and administrators.  Participate in parent meetings as appropriate. 
–       Consult and collaborate with parents/guardians about understanding and meeting the special needs of students.   
–       Implement effective follow-up process.
–       Build and maintain communications with bus drivers.
–       Implement, monitor, and track student bus behavior issues.
–       Work with bus drivers, families, and administration to work through student bus issues.
–       Monitor and track the discipline referral information.  Assist the administrative team with discipline data disaggregation.

Demonstrated effectiveness in working with students and families of diverse racial, economic, and linguistic backgrounds.  Excellent human relations skills and the ability to establish and maintain relationships with students, family, and staff.  Demonstrated knowledge, skills, and abilities in the following areas: intercultural communications and interactional styles; foundations of multicultural education; child/adolescent development and behavior; cultural responsiveness; family systems; behavior management techniques; chemical dependency; abuse; family change; multidisciplinary teaming; group facilitation; consultation; student and staff development.

Two years experience providing elementary student/family support services in a diverse urban education or social service setting; or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.  Bachelor’s degree in education counseling, social work, or closely related field is preferred.

Application Procedure:
Apply online.