Works with the Theater Technical Specialist and Auditorium Manager to assist the community rentals with technical aspects of Productions and/or Streaming services.

Job Summary:
1.  Operate, adjust and assist with the connection of various A/V devices and audio equipment.
2.  Operate, maintain, utilize and assist with the usage of the wireless equipment and systems available within the facility and general trouble-shooting with the sound system, equipment and mixing boards.
3.  Operate, adjust and assist with both general audience lighting and all stage lighting equipment including maintenance, bulb replacements, relocating light fixtures, adjusting, focusing, adding gel frames, changing gels and operating the fly systems while maintaining a safe working environment.

1.  Must be willing to learn, follow and assist in enforcing directions and procedures and ALL District Facility Policies as well as Auditorium Procedures enforcing safety when working with other users and guests in the facility.
2. Must have reliable transportation, dedication to timeliness, focus, strong desire to self-educate/ research, and satisfactory customer service skills. 

Application Procedure:
Apply online