Summer School Program Coordinator

Position Purpose
The summer school program coordinator, under the supervision of the school principal, will be responsible for overseeing the operational management of the program providing instructional lead and support to summer teachers and support staff.  

This position will be primarily a non-teaching position, where the summer school program coordinator will be stationed in the library accessible to all students and staff. During the day, between summer coordinator tasks, the program coordinator will help students who would like to check out books from the library. This position may require the coordinator to sub in the absence of a main program teacher. 


  • Responsible for planning, coordinating and overseeing summer school program, preparing appropriate reports and providing support for the program and staff
  • Serve as program primary contact person for questions and concerns
  • Create positive work environment
  • Coordinating daily program activies, staff coverage as needed and Thursday field trips planning and execution
  • Create a spreadsheet with pre and post program data
  • Reinforce teacher pre and post program data administration
  • Coordinate summer school transporation, overseeing bus arrival and dismissals 
  • Coordinate coverage for food service breakfast/lunches
  • Collaborate with teachers on lesson support (materials, lesson/activity planning, etc) 
  • Maintain accurate numbers of student program recruitment, enrollment and attendance
  • Maintain ongoing communication with involved administrators of program progress 
  • Maintain accurate records of disciplinary referrals and actions taken relating to pupils
  • Prepares appropriate reports concerning students’ progress and the summer school program
  • Provides classroom equipment , supplies and textbooks for all appropriate staff
  • Attend all planning meetings
  • Attend all fieldtrips 
  • May be assigned other duties and responsibilities as required.

Qualifications Profile

  • MN teaching license
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills