Temporary summer position – 1 positions available

Dates & Summer Hours:  August 2 thru August 20; Monday – Friday – 3.5 hours/day, 8 am-11:30 noon

Location:  Middle School Sites

DUTIES:  Support the needs of students and families experiencing homelessness at each site.  Collaborate with targeted services summer school staff as needed to support student engagment and reduce barriers to academtic success.  Spend one day each week at each targeted service school site.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Requires current MN School Counselor License. Must be physically working in the building.
This position may be filled immediately by an appropriately licensed candidate (PELSB Tier 3 or Tier 4 license).
(Anoka-Hennepin will make every effort to hire teachers with full standard licenses in the assigned subject and grade level.)

RATE OF PAY:  Teachers who work at their same position during the summer or do their own unit work during the summer, are paid according to their master agreement. Former Anoka-Hennepin Contracted Teachers or previous Anoka-Hennepin Summer School Teachers will receive the hourly rate in accordance with previous step/lane placement up to the maximum hourly rate stated in Article X of the working agreement ($36.08). New Summer School Teachers not employed in Anoka-Hennepin will be paid at Bachelors-Step 1 rate of $32.37 per hour. Teachers will be paid for teaching time plus prep time. There is no sick leave for summer school teachers.

POSITIONS MAY BE FILLED IMMEDIATELY. Applications will be accepted until all positions have been filled.