Site Coordinators needed for multiple buildings (Centennial, R-STEM, RDLS, Sheridan Hills, RMS)

We have resources available to resume our after school targeted services programs. The program is being rebranded as Richfield Dreams Academy (Differentiated Relevant Engaging And Meaningful Support).

Richfield Dreams Academy

R-Dreams Academy is the new name for our targeted serves programming
R-Dreams Academy is about:
   -Focusing on the whole child while supporting academic progress
   -Engaging students with project-based, hands-on activities
   -Empowering educators to be innovative
   -Building a community across Richfield schools
   -Partnering with community groups
   -Helping students become confident, independent, and curious learners

Classes will be held twice a week, after school, for 1.5 to 2 hours.  Days of the week are still being discussed based on transportation and other considerations
Two sessions will take place this year.
Session 1 late January – Spring Break
Session 2 April – May

Students (grades 2-8) Small class sizes are a priority.  We are working to keep them between 12-15 students

Valid MN Teacher License Required