Byron Public Schools is seeking a full time, highly qualified licensed 2nd Grade Elementary Teacher for the 2021-22 school year.  Applicants must have a growth mindset with the ability to adapt to an ever changing educational environment. 
The ideal candidate will:
*Have a working knowledge of and understanding of the Minnesota State Standards, classroom management techniques, current researched best practices and strategies, as well as knowledge of students’ learning styles and needs, both academic and affective.
* Teach students the required curricula using strategies that foster critical thinking, creativity, character, citizenship, collaboration, communication and problem solving for the 21st Century.
* Collaborate with peers to develop, plan and implement best practices based on the needs/abilities of the students.
* Assess students’ developmental, cognitive and social needs and provide developmentally appropriate instruction to meet those needs.
* Create lessons and learning environments that are safe, respectful and highly engaging.
* Collaborate and communicate regularly with families and use family and community resources to support learning.
* Assess own instructional effectiveness through the Professional Development Process
* Participate in ongoing and regular staff, team and individual professional development.
Letter of interest, resume, transcripts and application can be submitted on Applitrack .   Please contact Amanda Durnen, Primary School Principal at or at 507-624-0311 for more information. Position open until filled.