Description:  The Technology Assistant oversees and maintains the computer equipment so that staff and students can make optimal use of the technology. Assists users with the operation of the equipment or software. The Technology Assistant is available to assist with technology needs throughout the site.

Job Summary:

1. Set up new computers and related equipment and configure new computers for network and internet access to ensure technology equipment is available as needed.
2. Provide general maintenance of technology equipment and prioritizing problems in order to ensure that equipment is operational and ready for use by students and staff.
3. Supervise the computer labs, schedule lab usage, and assists students and staff in the use of technology equipment and software.
4. Provide assistance and/or inservice on the use of software and hardware.
5. Maintain and update building website.
6. Maintain inventory for computers, other technology equipment, and software, etc. so that accurate records and supplies are maintained and up to date.
7. Assist with telephone system extensions and problems to ensure continued telephone service is available to buildings staff and public.
8. Attends meetings, seminars, and training as required to keep updated on current technology.
9. Provide guidance on technology purchases and write up purchase requisitions relating to technology.
10. Assist in the maintenance of network user accounts for current and new staff and students and create and manage e-mail accounts for staff.
11. Other job related duties as assigned.


1. High school degree, GED, or equivalent.
2. The hiring manager reserves the right to request a skills test prior to hire.
3. One (1) to three (3) years training and/or experience in the use of Apple or Microsoft based computers is preferred.
4. Ability to work effectively with students, staff and parents.
5. Ability to work independently with minimum supervision.
6. Good organizational skills including scheduling and resource allocation and utilization.
7. Knowledgeable in current technology and software
8. Ability to work overtime including evenings, weekends and holidays.

Application Procedure:
Apply online