Position: Transportation Coordinator
Work Schedule: 
 261 days – 12 months
Start Date:  July 1, 2022
Pay: Dependent on qualifications

Benefits: Per the Non-Unit Contract

Required Qualifications:

  1. 2 years experience in school bus route development, implementation, and coordination; or 3 years experience involving dispatching, scheduling, and coordination of school buses in a fleet operation; or similarly related education and work experience.
  2. Knowledge of School Bus Transportation Laws and Regulations
  3. Extensive knowledge of school bus routing, operations, and dispatching.
  4. Excellent communication skills
  5. Excellent customer service
  6. Highly organized and efficient in record keeping, scheduling, communication plans, and meeting deadlines
  7. Enthusiastic, adapts well to different situations, dependable, with the ability to work in a self-directed manner with a diverse group of families, colleagues, and community partners
  8. Proven ability to manage multiple responsibilities in highly stressful situations
  9. Demonstrated skills to work independently
  10. Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively and ability to handle conflict

Preferred Qualifications:  

  1. Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Previous school district or contracted school bus operations.
  3. Previous supervisory experience.
  4. Knowledge of computerized routing capabilities.  This would include all set ups, fleet management, routing sequencing, bus utilization, student load parameters, timing of bus routes relative to school start/end times, safe stop locations, and data management.
  5. Experience with VersaTrans computerized routing system and GPS systems.
  6. CDL Class B Driver’s License with School Bus endorsement


Manage and coordinate the transportation of students to ensure the District is in compliance with Federal, State, Local regulations and District Policies and Procedures.

  1. Develops and maintains routes transporting eligible public, non-public, charter, homeless, care and treatment, and related activities of students both in and outside of the district along with those who require special requirements and are part of the district’s Early Childhood programs as well as other specialty program sites.
  2. Supervises routes servicing specific schools, responds to problems on routes, and serves as a liaison between the school staff/administrators, drivers/monitors/contractors, and parents regarding transportation needs.
  3. Assigns routes to drivers, monitors, and contractors based upon contractual obligations or as the supervisor directs; and monitors performance of drivers/contractors as well as compliance of school district policies and guidelines.
  4. Conducts fact-finding interviews and investigations in cooperation with school staff regarding parent, student and/or driver/contractor concerns, and takes action to correct the problem as necessary.
  5. Collaborate with the Transportation Supervisor to maintain the optimum capabilities of the computerized routing system; including but not limited to maintaining the overall map layer, routing parameters, safe bus stop locations, student pick-up and drop-off zones, street speeds and other restrictions and parcel or address-ranging data.
  6. Assigns students to bus stops, determines proper stop sequencing, determines the number of routes needed for each site/program, establishes routes and route combinations for safest and most efficient use of all vehicles.
  7. Revises routes and route combinations based on submitted student data changes while continuously monitoring route sequencing for optimum on-time performance, safety, and efficiency.
  8. Maintains schedule variations in route service based on program calendars.
  9. Other duties as assigned.

Transportation management:

  1. Assist in the ongoing evaluation of the Transportation program and participate in continuous improvement initiatives.
  2. Conduct and assist designated staff in the planning of in-service training and identify areas of focus based on department and employee needs; to include documentation of annual transportation in-service as well additional staff meetings throughout the year.
  3. Field concerns/questions from staff and the public relative to routing as well as any questions related to the department’s technological applications
  4. Work with School Principals and designated staff on discipline related problems.
  5. Collaborate with Supervisor to implement a data management system that tracks all bus route data necessary for the annual transportation report along with records related to route operations, student discipline, and special transportation. This system must comply with State of Minnesota and Federal Government rules and regulations as they pertain to record keeping.
  6. Coordinate with designated staff, Supervisor, drivers, and monitors in student management, investigate problems of student discipline, property damage, complaints, and overloads; and implement solutions
  7. Other duties as assigned.